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2 Dead After Small Plane Crashes in North Carolina

Plane Crashes in North Carolina : Small plane crash within Winston-Salem on Saturday and killed two people according to authorities.

Winston-Salem Police Department spokeswoman Kira Boyd informed that the Winston-Salem Journa l that two victims died during the crash of the small plane that crashed in an area of residential in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Winston-Salem Fire Department and the Federal Aviation Administration said that the twin engine Piper PA-30 crashed in a residential area to the northeast of downtown.

Two people were reportedly aboard the plane, but did not immediately confirm that those who died were on the plane. The paper said that authorities did not immediately clarify whether anyone on the ground was hurt.

Witness Susan Harrison-Bailey reported to the paper they heard the plane coming close to her backyard, however, her home was not damaged. She also said she saw smoke coming from the nearby forest.

“I couldn’t tell that it was a plane,” she claimed. “There was smoke everywhere. … I could tell it was crushed in the forest.”

A family member of the Krehers tells FOX8 they believe that two passengers on this plane are Patty Kreher and Joe Kreher. The two were coming in the direction of St. Louis to visit their son and grandchildren during Thanksgiving.

The family member claims that they’ve been on the road between St. Louis to North Carolina many times.

As per Winston-Salem Fire Department Battalion Chief Joe Ramsey, the initial message about the plane accident came through Jeketer Drive.

The plane came up to stop in a forest line behind some residences in an residential area According to sergeant C.G. Byrd of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. There are no injuries reported to anyone living in the residential area at the present time.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the Plane Crashes in North Carolina. NTSB investigators are back at the crash site early Sunday morning.

The plane itself was on the scene that the accident occurred overnight, and will be removed on Sunday. The new Walkertown Road was closed throughout the weekend, and Kem Drive has been reopened at the time of this writing.

The NTSB announced a news event on the Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem at 3 p.m. on Sunday regarding their investigation.



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