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Perrie Edwards and fiancé Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain enjoyed a family out with their son Axel at the weekend.

There were many beautiful pictures of Axel as a young child, just two days old, like lying on his dad’s chest and being held with Perrie Edwards as they played in the nursery when they’d taken Axel home.

The photos then took the viewers on a trip through the past year, which included Axel’s very first vacation, during which Axel was greeted with kisses by his mom.

The family album culminated with Axel’s birthday celebration that included Perrie look stunning wearing a basic white vest and denim mix.

She was holding Axel in her arms with balloons in a colorful backdrop on the wall.

In another photo, Alex was holding his son and the two were wearing party caps.

A midfielder named Alex was also seen smiling in hospital dressed in scrubs.

Perrie shared a clip that she and Alex as they waited for hours prior to when Axel became a baby.

The couple lay in close proximity to hospital beds while they waited to see their son.

Liverpool midfielder Alexheld Axel one and a half minutes later, Perrie Edwards , dressed in a cap with a with a white Yves Saint Laurent t-shirt and worn jeans, strolled alongside them.

It follows Perrie Edwards posted adorable family photos to celebrate Axel’s birthday.

A 29 year-old woman wrote on her blog: “A whole year of Axel. Memories to cherish forever. I love you my absolute joy, you’ll always be my baby boy!”

A few of the photos showed Perrie Edwards shortly after she given birth, and the newborn baby resting upon her chest.The trio appeared content and relaxed walking through the town’s market in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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