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Owlkay Shoes Reviews : Is Owlkay Shoes Legit?

What is Owlkay?

Owlkay is an online store that sells many different shoes for men and women. There are sneakers, sandals, boots, shoes with rhinestones, running shoes, hiking shoes, and more. The site also sells different kinds of socks, like wool, towel, compression, and see-through stockings.


  • Type of Website: An online store that sells socks and shoes for women and men in different styles.
  • Website Address –
  • Address: RM1402 14/F Building D Wanda Plaza, Hongxing Road, District – Gongshu, China .
  • Number to call: (86)1330-810-786 (This contact number is available on the contact pages on other websites).
  • E-mail ID –
  • Sort By and Filter ByAvailable
  • Shipping Policy: Standard shipping takes 7–20 days within the US and 10–25 business days outside the US. If you spend more than $59, shipping is free. If you pay less than that, shipping costs $5.99.
  • The policy for returns and refunds is HTML0. Customers must send back the item they bought within 60 days. Within 7 days of getting the article, the refunds will be sent.
  • Connection to Social Media – Review of Owlkay Shoes).
  • Privacy’s rules and regulations were mentioned.
  • PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, and other credit and debit cards can be used to pay.
  • Prices of Items Prices are given in US dollars.


  • The shoe designers have made a precise size guide.
  • There are many different colours and styles on the site.


  • The name of another company is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section. This shows that the designers may have copied the policy language.
  • The phone number and contact information are linked to sites that are thought to be fake.
  • Since this site is still pretty new, some customers might be hesitant to trust it.

How Real Are Owlkay Shoes?

The following is what we found when we looked into this site. These details will help you determine if the website is genuine and help you answer the question.

Website Age: When it was made on November 28, 2020, the website had been up and running for 10 months.

This is called a Very Bad Trust Index, and it has a Web Trust Score of -5 percent.

Index on Alexa: 781,006; this is not a good ranking.

Social Media Connection: The website is linked to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram through its social media pages. This might change how you feel about your time with Owlkay Shoes Reviews.

Customer Reviews

Credibility of Contact Information Real Contact Information: The physical address and phone number listed on the site can be found on the contact page of other suspicious websites.

Content Originality: The page for Terms and Conditions lists the name of another business. So, it’s possible that the people who made the policy copied the words from this source.


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