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Orange Head astd : Levels and Methods

Orange Head, often known as Gildarts, is the most recent addition to All-Star Tower Defense’s massive roster. He is a 6-star ground-type character based on the Fairy Tail series Clive Gildarts. To obtain Orange Head, you must either open the Holiday Box II or trade for the character from other market participants.

How can you receive the Roblox All-Star Tower Defense Holiday Box II?

To obtain Orange Head, as previously stated, you must obtain and open the Christmas Box II. Christmas Boxes should be distinct from Christmas Gifts since they are entirely different. Follow the instructions below to get the Holiday Box II.

  • Start ASTD and go to the Summoning Arena.
  • Switch to your Gold Summons instead of your Diamond Summons now.
  • Check the Gold Summon’s X and Y flags, and the Christmas Box II should be accessible in either.
  • Increase your chances of receiving the Holiday Box II gift using the x10 Summon.
  • If the box does not appear in either banner, wait an hour for the Gold Summon list to be refreshed.

Other Players Trade for Orange Head

If you cannot obtain the Christmas Box II, you may always swap Orange Head with other market participants.

Remember to be cautious when trading with strangers or unknown persons since the market is rife with con artists.

How to Get Anything for Free in Times Square – Roblox

TWICE, a female K-Pop trio has danced into the Roblox Metaverse! TWICE Square allows followers of this musical group to talk with other fans, play minigames, uncover memorable in-game souvenirs, and even earn two free avatar items. Please continue reading for a brief overview of how to get them.

How to get all of the free things in TWICE Square

The list below includes every free item that has ever been available in Times Square. Continue reading past this list for a deeper look at these products and instructions on how to get them.

  • TWICE Logo Cap in Black and White
  • Unlocked by playing the Escape Room minigame.
  • TWICE Ready to Wear a Black T-Shirt
  • Purchase a collectible to get access.
  • TWO Boomboxes
  • Take a selfie on the roller coaster to unlock it.

TWICE Logo Cap in Black and White

Users must complete all three rounds of the Escape Room minigame to obtain the TWICE Black and White Logo Cap. To enter this minigame, pick the joystick symbol on the left side of your screen and then click the green Play button on the Escape Room picture.


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