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Novahugo Reviews : Is this Legit?

We don’t think Novahugo is an good place to do any kind of online shopping. So, let’s see what Novahugo.com is really like with this Novahugo review.

We don’t think Novahugo is a real site because it has these problems:

It doesn’t give the company’s address or phone number. It’s clear that real online stores usually provide detailed contact information that can be easily checked, while fake ones either don’t give any contact information or give fake news.

It gave email addresses like “affiliate@liveliky.com” and “service@extratopia.com” that don’t have anything to do with the domain.

It has a design and a lot of details that are similar to sites that have problems. Most of the content on the actual sites is original, not just copied from other places.

It only sells a few items because the prices are low. Most of the time, websites that don’t follow legal business practices offer these kinds of discounts as a way to trick people into giving them money.

It has put the name of another website, extratopia.com, on its policy pages, which is a very unprofessional thing to do.

It has put useless social media icons at the bottom of its website, which leads to the home pages of those social sites rather than its business-related social media groups or profiles.

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