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New Chinese restaurant is located in Larimer Square

Despite the pandemic which has forced the closure of some Colorado restaurants, a brand new fast-serve and casual Chinese restaurant was opened on Friday.

Bao Brewhouse replaces Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen, located at 1317 14th St. in Larimer Square and serves noodles, wings that are Asian in style, and some pork meatballs.

“This is a different experience. On the lower levels, we’ve got more grab and go food items however on the higher level, we’ve added a tea-room that’s a different quality, more exclusive type of space, with more premium foods and a more upscale experience,” said owner Michael Swift.

For a long time, Swift has held nearly every job in the food industry. He has also thought of opening the restaurant of his dreams.

After many visits across China along with the former boss of one as well as visiting his classmate from High School, who owns an establishment in China The three of them began discussions about forming a joint partnership.

As the coronavirus epidemic hit the world, just like other outbreaks Swift’s plan changed.

“When COVID took place, (my colleague’s) wife was in China He said that he needed to go back to China. (my ex-coach) who was a model for me suggested that they should concentrate their energies in their own restaurant,” Swift said.

“I was already prepared to sign my name on the line and ready to sign so I decided to keep going and go for it.”

Initially, Swift thought he had planned everything exactly for his restaurant, as the construction was set to be completed in the autumn. As the pandemic raged on, it caused health officials to shut down eating inside beginning on November. 20 – the day before the grand opening date was set.

Despite having several tables outside, Swift said he was forced to postpone his initial opening date and modify the menu in preparation for the main take-out-only opening night.

“We tried to think of things that can be eaten twenty minutes after and remain delicious. However, much of what was that was on the menu originally intended to be eaten immediately,” he said

Alongside updating their menus, Swift had to enroll in delivery services like UberEats, Door Dash and GrubHub to rival other restaurants.

While take-out restaurants aren’t viable in the long term even for established eateries, Swift says it scary to consider that if a person dislikes something they eat once, they might never return.

“Just like any other establishment or restaurant, there are several initial problems which need to be addressed and I was reluctant to just take it out because you can’t solve anything if there’s an issue,” Swift said. “If they’re dining in a restaurant, we could remake the dish or suggest a different dish to eat. But if the food is already in the customer’s at home, what do we do?”

Swift is hoping that the information about his new restaurant will be spread through word-of-mouth and make people want to sample his cuisine.

Although Bao Brewhouse’s grand opening was not what Swift had in mind 24 months ago is grateful for the opportunity to realize his vision, while other businesses that have been in operation for a long time are closing their doors for good.

“It’s clearly not the way I imagined or the way I had hoped to launch however, I’m still following my passion and a dream that I’ve always dreamed of, and I’ll continue to push to the next level,” Swift said.


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