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Murder of Rachel Burkheimer : The story behind the incident

Rachel Burkheimer, a young woman of eighteen, was killed by those she had confided in. What follows is further information regarding the police investigation into the murder.

Rachel Burkheimer

Rachel, the attractive young girl, had a reputation for being humorous, kind, and a practical joker. Even on the spur of the moment, she’d send out greeting cards to her loved ones, letting them know they were in her thoughts and that she was thinking of them on their birthday.

She was kind and welcoming, to the point of hosting a baby shower for a colleague she hardly knew. Rachel Burkheimer was a Tulalip Indian who made her home in Snohomish County, Washington, close to Everett.

She was a Snohomish County resident who made her home on the Tulalip Reservation in close proximity to Everett, Washington. Rachel is a local of the Tulalip Reservation in Snohomish County, where she spent her childhood, spent her teenage years working, and attended high school.

I was astonished by her extensive social spheres and extensive network. “I couldn’t keep up with Rachel’s social life because she had so many friends and acquaintances,” said her father, Bill Burkheimer.

Tragic Ending for Rachel Burkheimer

At the age of 18, Rachel Burkheimer was murdered by people she had come to trust. Family members filed a missing person’s report for her on September 27, 2002, in Snohomish County, Washington, which is close to the city of Everett.

Her last known communication with her family came on the day she disappeared, when she said she was taking a friend to the airport.

Around the beginning of October 2002, her corpse was located. The police moved quickly and captured two individuals, including Rachel’s boyfriend; further arrests were expected.

“She had so many social groups and such a broad network that I couldn’t keep up,” said her father, Bill Burkheimer.

Parents of Rachel

When Rachel was three, her parents worried she was deaf since she didn’t start talking until then.

But as the words started coming out, it was like a dam had broken. She kept everyone in the household in good spirits and on their toes with her boundless creativity and impressive imitation skills.

She was highly creative and into the theatre, Bill said Jennifer Langston of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. It seems to me that’s how she spent her days.

I wouldn’t call it a dream, but she did strike me as a little player in a never-ending drama. Rachel’s goal in life was to become a medical technician.

One of Rachel’s career goals was to work in the medical field. Even though she was just 4 feet 11 inches tall, her friends said she was quite independent and powerful.

Whenever she went, she wore heels four inches high and carried a beauty kit the size of a toolbox. Her radiant blue eyes and gorgeous smile made her the centre of attention everywhere she went.


On a brisk September night in 2002, Rachel and seven members of the Northwest Mafia went to a party in Everett.

She was reassured to be with Maurice, but she was also trying to prove to her pals that she had not been playing them all along.

John Anderson reportedly walked into a party where people were laughing and smoking pot on a sofa. The sight he was seeing made him enraged.

“Anderson comes in from the exterior of the duplex, upset because everyone is having so much fun,” Detective Pince said. Two of the youngsters are punched in the face by him.


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