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Nona Dirksmeyer: Murder Story of a Beauty Queen

In the morning of the day she passed

The murder of Nona Dirksmeyer, a 19-year-old college student and beauty queen aspirant, occurred in her apartment on December 15, 2005, sending shockwaves across the little town of Russellville, Arkansas.

Kevin Jones, Nona’s alleged lover, says he called and left many messages for her but never heard back.

Eventually, he and his mom went to check up on Nona at her apartment, when they came across her corpse.

Nona was battered to death and her body dumped in her bloodstained living room, according to journalist Richard Schlesinger.

In honor of Nona Dirksmeyer.

The university where Nona studied was Arkansas Tech. Once her mother Carol married Duane Dipert, and she found some of her stepfather’s regulations to be intolerable, she made the decision to move out.

Kevin Jones was her love interest. Kevin visited Nona whenever he could throughout their time apart at college.

In December, Kevin took some time off for the holidays and visited Nona at her home before heading back to Dover. Dover is around twenty kilometers from Russellville.

After spending the evening of the 14th with Nona, he returned to Dover in the wee hours of the morning.

Fiancé of Nona Dirksmeyer, Kevin

Kevin knew that Nona had engagements on the 15th of December. Before, she had informed him of her involvement with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Like everyone else, he was plotting something.

He said he’d bring his mother Janice, the school librarian, to the holiday celebration for educators.

But, Kevin expressed worry about Nona to Janice on the way to the party since she hadn’t answered any of his calls that afternoon.

Ryan, a friend who had an office close to Nona’s place, was asked to see how she was doing. Ryan had told him that she had left the light on in the upstairs bedroom, but when he knocked, no one answered.

Hence, Kevin informed Ryan that he would be waiting for him at that location. Kevin and his mom arrived at Nona’s place and saw Ryan waiting for them outside.

There was no answer as they repeatedly knocked on Nona’s door. Kevin hurried around to the rear of the apartment to check whether the sliding door was open since he knew Nona kept her key there but had forgotten to bring it with him.

Dead body of Nona

It was discovered that Nona had been bleeding out on the floor of her flat, and she was found to be completely nude. When Janice called 911, Kevin hurried over to comfort her.

Nona’s eyes were closed and her face was covered with blood. Not even a word came back from her. When the police showed there, they verified Nona was dead.

She had been struck on the back of the head and then repeatedly punched till she died. The police believe that she was hit by the lamp’s base, which was found close to her corpse.

Someone had cut her neck open. There was no hard proof that Nona had been raped, despite the fact that a condom wrapper was on the counter and she was nude aside from a pair of white socks.


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