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How to get a Mosaic in Merge Mansion

In the captivating merging puzzle game Merge Mansion, players must gather various things to rebuild the Boulton family estate, which has been abandoned for 40 years. Players explore different areas to find hidden mysteries and try to bring the mansion back to its former glory.

Mosaic is one of the elements needed to repair the Old Well, the puzzle game’s sixth sector. As this is the first area where players will discover Mosaic, many need help creating it—anybody needing help with how to get it should read the following parts.

How to get Mosaic in Merge Mansion: A Guide

The Merge Mansion’s Shrapnel is the beginning point for getting Mosaic. There are two methods to get the same thing. After shattering a vase, these are essentially dropped (only until the Vase is at level 3 or below). Notably, you may either break the object for Shrapnel or combine it with other vases to enhance its level.

If you shatter the Ship in a Bottle, you can also acquire a Sailing Ship and Shrapnel. After you have them, you may combine them to produce a new mosaic that meets the task’s requirements for level and quality.

You will need a Mosaic from a previous level, which is easy to find, to do the tasks at the Old Well. You must, however, use caution while merging or breaking the Vases.

What additional functions do Vases have in the Merge Mansion, and how can you obtain one?
A vase is one of the objects that the Drawer in the Merge Mansion drops. In addition, you may use bronze coins or gems to buy them straight from the store. These Vases, which can be obtained using the premium in-game cash, could also be cobwebbed. The last two solutions are undoubtedly more expensive.

The item’s notable quality is that it can perform different functions depending on your level. Vases above level 5 produce Peony Flower Seeds with a set recharge time, as opposed to all Vases between levels 1 and 3, which can be broken for Shrapnel. Vases at levels 4 and 5 cannot be broken down and do not drop anything.

These Peony Flower Seeds can also be combined to a higher degree to get a following drop of Water Leaf.

Metascore Games Oy also puts out seasonal events in the Merge Mansion. The standard plot has players doing chores in certain places and returning them to how they should be. There are still a few days left during the Winter Holiday 2022, when you may complete the tasks to get alluring gifts.



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