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Monkeypox cases in Colorado increases

The number of monkeypox cases in Colorado have nearly doubled in the last week when several counties located outside of the metro area reported their first outbreaks.

Sixty-eight Coloradans been confirmed positive for the type of monkeypox virus on Thursday according to state statistics. This is up from 37 just a week ago at the beginning of July the state was able to confirm the cases to be just 8. The state is focusing on vaccinating specific groups – specifically at-risk women who are having sex with males – by distributing the most doses possible in such a way that some patients may need to be patient for their second dose longer than usually anticipated.

It has spread across the state since May , and beyond the scope of public health accounts for the second portion of July, state officials told reporters this week. There have been numerous hospitalizations and the virus has recently spread beyond the Denver metropolitan area.

Summit, Weld, Larimer and El Paso Counties all publicly confirmed their first cases during the last week.

Health officials from different counties have said that the risk for the general population is still minimal, and the state is now contracting with private labs in order to expand its testing capabilities. There is a shortage of vaccines that can be used prior to and after someone has contracted the virus, however, federal officials have announced plans to hand out 780,000 more doses to hot spots across the nation.

The Colorado situation is less serious than that of New York or San Francisco where officials have stated that there aren’t enough doses to satisfy the demand, and where health authorities have declared the spread of the virus as a health risk to the public and a medical emergency.

On Wednesday on Wednesday, there were over 4,600 reported cases across the country according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact. However it can also spread through the contact with linens worn by those who is suffering from the illness. Patients with the virus may suffer from body aches, fever chills, fatigue and fever. A lot of people who have the disease have developed painful zit-like bumps.

The U.S. has ordered 5.5 million additional doses of vaccine to be ready for delivery by mid-2023 . The U.S. is the owner of the raw materials that could create 11.1 million doses. U.S. officials said a huge vaccination campaign can be avoided if people and communities adopt measures to prevent the spread of.


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