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Mission Oak High School ,California

A brief overview of Mission Oak High School

Mission Oak High School is the 962nd most prestigious school in California. Students are able to complete Advanced Placement(r) courses and tests. There is an AP(r) student participation at this High School is 25 percent. The minority total enrollment is 83%. 69 percent of students are disadvantaged. This High School is one of the seven high schools that are part of Tulare Joint Union High. 

Mission Oak High School 2022 Classifications

This High School is ranked at #7,493 according to the National Rankings. Schools are judged based by their performance on required tests for state requirements, graduation, and the extent to which their students are prepared for university. Learn more about our methodology for determining the top high schools.

All Rankings

  • 7493,3 in National Rankings
  • #962 in California High Schools
  • #15in Visalia, CA Metro Area High Schools
  • 3in Tulare Joint Union High High Schools

Ranking Factors

Which Mission Oak High School performed both nationally and across the state out of 17,843 nationally-ranked schools as well as 1,603 schools that were ranked in California.

Teachers and students at Mission Oak High School

The numbers as well as percentages of students and teachers are based on data submitted in the schools’ annual reports to government officials.

Total Enrollment


School Data

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Graduation Rate

96 percent (somewhat over the that of the median for state)

Grades Served



Middle-size Suburb

Charter School


Magnet School


Are eligible to receive Title I Funding



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