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Mekai Curtis Parents: Is He Raising Kanan related to 50 Cent?

Are they Mekai Curtis her parents? The latest spin-off from the Power series premiered on the 18th of July, Sunday on Starz. The newcomer actor Mekai Matthew Curtis appears in the prequel as new Kanan Stark. He’s cultivated a large number of fans as they have questions about his relationship to 50 Cent, the producer and rapper for the series, 50 Cent.

Who’s Raising Kanan’s Mekai Curtis?

Power Book III: Raising Kanan premiered on July 18th, on a Sunday on Starz.

The latest spin-off from the Power story is a prequel that focuses on the beginning period of Kanan Stark.

The documentary chronicles the life of a drug lord as an adolescent living in South Jamaica, Queens.

When we meet Kanan at the moment, Kanan is 15-year-old sole child from Raquel “Raq” Thomas, the cocaine dealer with an expanding network of dealers throughout the city.

The young Kanan Stark New Jersey native, 20-year-old Mekai Matthew Curtis.

Based on the Disney Wiki, Curtis is best known for his role as Paul on Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (2014), Fish in Kirby Buckets (2014-17) as well as Zack Underwood in the Disney XD series Milo Murphy’s Law (2016-19).

In discussing Kanan’s development as a character to go from a well-meaning teenager to a drug lord, Curtis told Essence: “That’s the interesting aspect of what we can expect to experience with this show.

“I’m thrilled for everyone to be able to embark on the journey along with him.”

Urtis is a part of the cast with Patina Miller Omar Epps, London Brown, Malcolm Mays, Hailey Kilgore, Joey Bada$$ Toby Sandeman, Shanley Caswell, Lovie Simone, and Quincy Brown.

What are Mekai Curtis her parents?

Mekai Curtis was born October 14, 2000.

He was the son of his mom, Hadassah Curtis. His father was Paul Curtis.

Curtis is the youngest of four children including sister Kaidynce Curtis and three siblings Kezii Curtis, Zemyhe Curtis as well as Jesigh Curtis.

His parents assisted him in developing his acting skills by enlisting him into LDR Acting Workshop, Tony O’Dell Acting, Actors Studio, and Troy Rowland Acting

Mekai Curtis His height is 5ft 6in He weighs at 68kg.

Are the actors associated with 50 Cent?

Fans want to know whether actor 20 years old Curtis may be related to the world-renowned artist.

As per Express even though there are physical and verbal similarities between Curtis 50 Cent and Curtis 50 Cent their connection is strictly professional.

He talked to Entertainment Weekly about his partnership with 50 Cent and said: “The relationship between me and 50 is great.

“Between the, I believe the seven to eight shows are on the air when I get an opportunity to sit down and eat with him, I’ll take the opportunity.”

Curtis also added that there was pressure to fill 50 Cent’s role as the famous supervillain Curtis said he was eager to take on the challenges.


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