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Why is Mega Markets brokerage so popular among seasoned traders?

Mega Markets is an Estonian broker specializing in Forex and CFDs. Even if it is not the best-known broker, its offer still has some nice arguments to make for anyone interested in these complex products. If you are looking for an effective CFD broker, read our concise Mega Markets review! What is the Mega Markets broker worth? What are the types of accounts? How to open an account?

Mega Markets is a broker mainly specialized in Forex (currencies) and CFDs. CFDs, “contracts for difference,” are quite complex derivative products. They allow you to “bet” on the rise or fall of an asset called the underlying. The latter can be an equity support, a commodity, or an index… The particularity with CFDs is that you do not own this underlying. If its price moves in the right direction, you make gains, potentially very high, thanks to the “leverage effect” specific to this derivative product.

When choosing your online broker, the trading platform it offers is an important factor to consider. It is with her that we will be dealing with daily to follow positions, pass orders, etc.

Mega Markets Trading Station is Mega Markets’ in-house platform. Let’s say it right away. It’s not the easiest platform on the market for getting started. This point may put off beginners, who will find it difficult to navigate at first.

Once tamed, the platform turns out to be very complete and quite customizable. Many technical and chart analysis tools are available. It contains all the indicators well-known to the most experienced traders.

The platform also integrates decision support tools, such as trading signals and the sentiments of the best traders. The site also includes guides for training in CFD trading, daily thematic articles, etc.

The interface is complete, although the number of options can scare neophytes again. Experienced traders, on the other hand, will be able to set their orders with the greatest accuracy. A Mega Markets trading desk is also available if you wish to place an order but cannot do so yourself.

Opening an account with Mega Markets is simple and fast, as with almost all online brokers. Everything is done 100% online. Go to the broker’s website and click “Open an account.”

Once done, you must choose the account type and the assets. There is a Bronze, Silver, and Gold type of account in line with your investment profile and skills in trading. All you have to do is fill out a form and validate your identity. Once all the verifications are done, your account will be opened in a few days, and you can start trading.

The question is, who is Mega Markets’s trading offer aimed at? In our view, more for seasoned traders or those with some experience. This opinion can be explained by several points: the relative difficulty of handling the platform, available assets (CFDs and Forex), and leverage effect, which can quickly increase losses… If you are new to CFDs, get trained using their free educational resources.


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