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Maitland Ward accused Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton for Sex Tapes

The adult film actress Maitland Ward is accused Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton of hypocrisy for starting their careers using the use of sex tapes and later being “ashamed” about it.

The Boy Meets World actress, who later morphed to hardcore porn interviewed Newsweek in advance of the release of her latest autobiography, Rated X: How Porn Saved Me From Hollywood In the book, she discusses her distinctive career path.

Ward began her career in the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful before becoming an integral part of The Disney series Boy Meets World in the latter half of the 1990s. Later, she appeared in films Dish Dogs and White Chicks before taking a break from Hollywood after she began taking part in professional cosplay and shooting adult photos. In 2019, she launched her new profession as a porn actor.

In addition to describing her personal experience Ward’s book Ward discusses the reasons why she’s slamming Kardashian as well as Hilton for being “ashamed” over the release of their sexual tapes.

“It’s ridiculous,” Ward stated to Newsweek. “Celebrities are known to be the ones to come out with sex tapes, and then act as if they’re embarrassed, so they get rid of the stigma however they do get the fame that comes from it. It actually harms the sex industry as well as adult celebrities.

“It’s saying like ‘Oh my god. They found my sex tape. I’m so ashamed of this.’ [But] they get so much money and fame off of it. But they don’t have to stand by the tape. That makes me really upset.” Ward told me.

In 2004 Paris Hilton appeared in the pornographic movie One Night In Paris in 2004, which showed the hotel’s heiress having sexual relations in a relationship with Rick Salomon. In the year 2021, Hilton stated in Vanity Fair she was adamant that her experience with sex tapes was “humiliating” and stated it was something that was going to affect her throughout her life.

Kardashian’s sexual tape Kim Kardashian, Superstar was released in 2007 and features the reality star who was involved in sexual activities with the singer Ray J. In 2018, Kardashian stated on E! on “Busy Tonight she was ecstatic when the tape was recorded.

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