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Lyudmila Rudenko 5 Things You Should Know About This Soviet chess player.

Lyudmila Rudenko One of the most powerful Chess players was born 114 years ago today.

The city was founded in 1904 and is now Lubny which was then being part of Russian Empire and now in central Ukraine She went on to receive the most prestigious prize in the game.

In the present, Google has celebrated the legendary chess player’s work with an Doodle that draws ideas from 1960’s graphic art and posters.

Five facts on the world’s top chess player.

1. Hers was the very first woman to be awarded this title. International Master title

Introduced to the sport by her father at the age 10 years old, Rudenko became an elite player in the 1920’s. She was fifth at her 1928 Moscow Women’s Championship.

She would later become her second Women’s World Chess Champion in 1950, and remained on the title for three years.

In the end, she lost to the fellow Russian Elisaveta Bykova. She ended the event with five wins seven losses, with two draws.

Google claimed that its Doodle “reimagines a focused Rudenko’s determination during the world championship game”.

Rudenko has been named as the International Master of chess in 1950. She also became an International Woman Grandmaster in the year 1976, a decade before her death.

She was admitted into the World Chess Hall of Fame in the year 2015.

2. Also, Lyudmila Rudenko had fantastic passion for swimming.

Rudenko was at first captivated by swimming. She was the winner of a local contest in the breaststroke event for women of 400 meters in Odessa.

It was following that victory swimming session that she departed on a journey to Moscow where she worked on her talent for chess.By 1925, she was able to become the vice-champion of swimming in Ukraine in her preferred stroke.

3. Economics

After completing the secondary level, Rudenko pursued a degree in economics from Odessa and began a profession being an economic analyst in Moscow.

4. Lyudmila Rudenko was the wife of an eminent scientist

When she won her very first contest in 1928, the Moscow women’s championship She then moved to Leningrad.

In that same place, she was married to the man she was married to, Lev Davidovich Goldstein, with whom she had one child, Vladimir, in 1931.

Goldstein was the first director of Cybernetics, the Department within an academy for military personnel named for Alexander Mozhaysky.

There is still a plaque honoring his memory in the school.

5.Lyudmila Rudenko organized a train that was used to free children from the battle of Leningrad during the Second World War.

She believed that her most significant achievement was organizing children during the battle of Leningrad during the Second World War.

The city was subject to an assault lasting 900 days by the invaders from German forces that resulted in the death of more than a million civilians.

The factory where that she was employed in was evacuated in advance of the approaching Germans however, the children of the workers were left to fend for themselves. The siege was beginning to break out and she was tasked with the responsibility of rescuing them . She organized an express train specially designed to rescue the children.

She described it as her most significant achievement in her life.

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