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Luna Lovebad is the muse of the L.A. fashion scene


When it comes to the personal style that contributed to her internet fame, Luna Lovebad’s inspirations are rooted in L.A. “I take a lot of inspiration from growing up in Compton and Los Angeles — everything from West Coast culture and incorporating Japanese-influences, like Lolita fashion. It’s kind of all over the place,” she says. “Maybe it doesn’t make sense to other people but when I do it it makes sense to me.”

The model, musician and artist from Compton is known just as much for her personal style as for her work uplifting trans voices. She’s done everything from making a masterlink to support Black trans people and queer femmes during Pride Month to highlighting the intersections of queerness and cannabis in her role as director for community engagement for the Black woman-owned cannabis brand Biko Flower. “If you have a huge platform and you’re not using it to help other people, then what are you doing?” she asks.

Lovebad has been a familiar face on the internet for more than a decade. In the mid-2000s, she was a Myspace-famous scene queen. Now, an Instagram personality. Along the way, she’s become a muse for buzzy L.A. designers like Brenda Equihua of Equihua and Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport.

“I try to work with as many people in L.A. as possible,” Lovebad says. “How many campaigns do you see a little trans Latinx cholita girl with big-ass pigtails?”

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My fav L.A. brand to wear RN:

Lunas favorite L.A. based brands

A product I can’t live without:

A product Luna can't live without

Advocacy looks like:

Luna's take on adcocacy.

My beauty must-have right now:

Luna's beauty product recommendations

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My playlist right now

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A selfie that captures my mood this month:

Photo mirror selfie of Luna Lovebad

“Serving under boob and high [ponies] for [the] summer!”

The best photo in my camera roll:

Luna's best image in her camera roll

“This has been a summer full of change, growth and love with this one.”

A meme I can’t get out of my head:

A Twitter screenshot meme

“Hardcore ‘Jersey Shore’ fans will understand.”

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