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Lottie Moss reveals she’s ‘having a time out from life’ . Know Why?

Lottie Moss is back with her parents to treat an unidentified mental health issue months after she entered an rehab center within the United States.

A half-sister and catwalk star Kate Moss had been living in Los Angeles, however, she returned in UK in August. United Kingdom in August after her visa was revoked.

Lottie 24 has now moved in with the parents Inger Solnordal as well as Peter Moss, Kate’s father through his first marriage to Linda Shepherd, at their Cotswolds house, while she focuses on her mental health.

In a post on Twitter on Monday night the tweet read”I’ve been staying at my parents ‘ house taking a break from the world – and it turned out that I required it! “I began modeling when I was about 16 and it really had negative impacts on my mental health. The quantity of parties with alcohol-free drinks didn’t help either to improve my health!

Model, who makes her income through the site that is subscription only OnlyFans and also claims she’s already seen the benefits by being closer to her family members. She said: ‘[ButI do believe I’m on my way towards a happier and more satisfied life since I’m currently doing things for me and after being told that being myself was not enough for a long time, it’s amazing to realize how many people actually support me.’

In February Lottie went to see a psychiatrist for mental health issues and addiction issues in an unidentified location located in the United States – but was still able to share her content via social media.

The show is a reference to HBO’s newest series Euphoria that focuses on an addiction group of high school students Lottie shared with fans that “I think I took Euphoria too seriously.’

The post that was criticized by the public was among a number of posts posted by the model throughout her rehabilitation which prompted a mixed response from her followers.

Lottie recently claimed that she was given drugs and alcohol to help her through modeling shoots.

She stated that she was conditioned to believe that using drugs was normal in the business and claimed that she was provided with drugs to use when she was exhausted at an event.

When asked about the use of marijuana within the industry, Lottie told the Call Her Daddy podcast that she believed it was normal. I went to these parties and events and I was tired I was exhausted, and it is the way I could get through it.

A lot of times I’d show at the perform and would be content and not want to do it. I’d cry my eyes out. They told me, “we’ll just get you some drugs, you can have a drink and then you’ll be fine”

It was very similar to the saying, ‘oh, you’ll do this photo shoot, regardless of whether you’re drinking or not. It’s bound to happen’.’

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