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Trump tweets the Lord Of The Rings meme

Lord Of The Rings meme : President Biden took aim at Donald Trump by calling him “The Great MAGA King,” but the right-wing preferred to embrace the term even as certain midterm Democratic candidates remained unsure if they would like Biden’s backing as the group on “The Five” discussed Thursday.

In a fundraiser that was reported to cost $30,000 per head in support of Democrats, Biden bragged about having reduced the deficit of the federal government by record amounts while criticizing Trump for causing it to balloon:

“Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was president,” Biden stated, just a few days after he called his opponents “ultra-MAGA.”

In reaction, Trump co-opted the nickname by posting a meme on the Truth Social account depicting him as a saber-wielding monarch of “Lord of the Rings.”

In “The Five,” host Geraldo Rivera noted that in Ohio the state where he resides the newly-minted Democratic Senate candidate dodged from a Fox News question about hosting Biden on the campaign trail, saying that the president faces more concerns with his political career.

“Tim Ryan, the popular congressman, is running now against [GOP nominee] JD Vance. He doesn’t want anything to do with Joe Biden,” Rivera declared in addition to stating the fact that “when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

An aide to Ryan also notably rebuffed an invitation by the anti-Trump-Republican Lincoln Project to involve itself in his race.

“So I believe that Biden has such difficulty communicating that even his nicknames [and] smears are ineffective.”

In addition The presenter Jesse Watters riffed that Trump finding it offensive to be called “Great MAGA King” would be like him being when he was the moniker was “King FOX.”

“I’m sure [Trump social media aide Daniel] Scavino saw this and has like some vicious memes now,” he said.

I’m not sure how Brandon receives these names. It’s a huge ploy. This isn’t natural.”

Biden’s previous attempts at demonizing his opponents have also failed in the past, pointing out the Delaware Democratic’s effort to accuse the opponents of face-masking as being “Neanderthal thinking.”

Watters found the “MAGA” is a platform that is bigger than the previous president, pointing out people such as Virginia Governor. Glenn Youngkin, who embodied “MAGA” ideas without Trump’s constant presence.


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