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Loni Willison ’s tragic life – from fitness model to homeless

A former model as well as wife to Jeremy Willison, who’s ( Loni Willison) homeless today, was observed at the end of the street in Los Angeles. In these sad photos she was spotted naked on the streets and pushing an empty shopping cart in her hands. The cart appears to be packed with personal belongings taken from trash.

The model was sporting an over-sized denim shirt and black jeggings and a tucked-in necklace of green on her neck. The former model for swimsuits was seen smoking cigarettes and had a black cap around her head however, she was not wearing shoes. As she walked along her cart, she would often stop by the dumpster to take a look and piled scrapes onto her cart.

To the world outside, she had the perfect life in which she had a marriage to a millionaire Hollywood model and appeared on the cover of magazines about fitness.

It wasn’t quite as it appeared and former swimwear models Loni Willison 38, was photographed dragging her personal things on a trolley following having been homeless for a number of years.

It was the result of a messy divorce with Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson eight years ago and a report of her drinking and drug abusethat she has denied.

Loni is no longer recognizable from her stunning blonde photos as she strolled along the streets, smoking cigarettes and looking through the bins to find food.

The photos illustrate the model’s dramatic decline after she lost her job and home and refusing to accept requests for help.

In a heartbreaking way, she once said she wears her clothes as clean as she can in order in order to stay away from being sexually assaulted in the streets.

In the past two years, she wrote to The Sun: “I can live on my own. I’ve got everything I need right here. Nobody really cares about me and I don’t want to see them, they don’t want to see me.”

Drunken rows and an alleged attack

In 2012, when Loni and Jeremy were married on an Californian beach back in 2012 clad in white, and accompanied by their white dog The couple looked like the perfect Hollywood couple.

Californian Jeremy who is now 41 was famous for his role as Hobie Buchanan, child of the lifeguards from David Hasselhoff’s Mitch when he was of 11. He portrayed the role until 18 and departed in 1999.

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