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Live Oak Junior High ,Las Vegas

Overview of Live Oak Junior High

Live Oak Junior High is an elementary school that is situated within Watson, LA, which is situated in a suburban area. The population of students at here is 744 students and the school has a student body of students aged 7-8. The school’s student-teacher ratio is 7-8. This Junior High, 76 percent of students scored on or above the proficiency level in math and 87% scored over that level for reading. The School’s minority student population is 14 percent. The student-teacher ratio is 24 which is higher than the average of the district. The student body is composed of female students who make up 47% and 53% of male students. The school is home to 26% of economically challenged students. There are 32 full-time equivalent teachers and one permanent school counselor.

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Live Oak Junior High 2022 Rankings

This Junior High is ranked number 84 within Louisiana Middle Schools. Schools are ranked based on their scores on state-mandated tests, their graduation rates, and the extent to which they prepare their students for the high school. Learn more about our methodology for ranking the top middle Schools.

All Rankings

  • #184in Louisiana Middle Schools
  • #11-15in Livingston Parish Public Schools Middle Schools

Ranking Factors

Which way Live Oak Junior High placed across the state out of 446 schools in Louisiana.

Reading Proficiency Rank

#65 (tie)

Test Scores at this Junior High

In Junior High, 76 percent of students achieved or above the level of proficiency in math, while 87% scored above the proficient standard for reading. Compared to districts, this school performed less well in math, but more proficient in reading, as per this measure. For Livingston Parish Public Schools, 84% of students were tested in the level of proficiency for reading, while 78% scored over that standard in math. Junior High performed better in math and reading, based on this measure, as compared to other schools throughout the entire state. In Louisiana 60% of the students were tested in the level of proficiency in reading, and 63% of them tested at or above the proficient grade for mathematics.

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