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LeBron James shoots down Bronny college commitment rumors

Bronny James isn’t quite ready to make a decision about his college despite feeling like everyone else is screaming for it.

There was a rumor of the LeBron James the oldest son of LeBron James via social networks on the evening of Tuesday The Los Angeles Lakers star swiftly shut them down.

Bronny has said that he hasn’t been on an official visit to any of the universities at the moment, which means Oregon could not be considered one of the “frontrunner,” as one report claimed.”He hasn’t had a single tour yet, and has had only several phone calls with his university coaches and coaches,” LeBron wrote on Tuesday evening. “When Bronny makes his choice you’ll hear about the decision from Bronny.”

Oregon is believed to be among the schools that have had contact with Bronny according to Forbes’ Adam Zagoria, however, it hasn’t made any offers to him, the opportunity to join it and “nothing is expected to happen soon in the form of a formal commitment.”

Based on LeBron’s tweet from Tuesday, it’s safe think that it’s the same for other universities, too.

Bronny is currently being rated as a potential four-star player. He is the no. number 57 from the class 2023. According to Rivals . He’s been offered a job by North Carolina Central, but this is all he has received to date.

There’s no reason why Oregon will not be considered for acquiring Bronny. There’s a Nike link between Ducks and LeBron just adds more also. But until he makes an appearance (and there’s bound to be plenty of them -the idea that anyone could be a frontrunner right now is a bit preposterous.

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