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LeBron James is not all-time Lakers great, says Richard Jefferson

LeBron James is among the biggest players that of the NBA is ever to see. The name of LeBron James is frequently mentioned when discussing the best ever player.

To be among the Lakers legends, he must to be able to make more progress with the team, according to Richard Jefferson.

He highlighted the fact that, aside from winning an NBA championship for 2020 James time in Los Angeles was not very impressive since the gold and purple were not in the playoffs twice and lost at the beginning of round of the playoffs once. 

LeBron James has not done enough as an Laker to be included on this listing,” Jefferson said. “Bron was there before and it’s his 4th year, isn’t it? There’s been four times. In two years, they’ve not reached the playoffs. In one year, they were eliminated to the team in their first round. Then, one year they were crowned champions.

In contrast to that lone title, the Lakers’ wealth of NBA titles has been accomplished by a stunning array of NBA legends. The legacies of players like Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant make it hard for any player to rank among the Lakers elite.

Yet, even if James never manages to be considered part of an iconic list of Lakers legends, his NBA legacy ensures that he’ll be considered among the greatest basketball players ever.

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