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4 Reasons to Learn Korean Language Before Visiting The Country

People usually opt for Spanish, French, or German before considering Asian languages. When they feel the many compelling reasons to learn Chinese and Japanese first, most students start with those two, but a third option is Korean!

Are you a fan of Kdramas? For sure you’ve been wondering about what does Oppa mean in Korean? If you fancy language learning, there’s no reason for you not to explore Korean vocabulary.

But first…

How can I learn Korean on my own?

There’s no “one” best way to learn Korean, but there are a few resources you can take advantage of. For instance, Korean language learners can:

  • Read literature about Korean culture (these often cover core concepts like grammar and essential vocabulary).
  • Watch Korean movies and dramas.
  • Take Korean lessons from a professional.
  • Speak with a native Korean speaker to learn the basics, like the Korean alphabet.

4 Reasons to Learn the Korean Language

Do you want to study Korean? If you’re still in doubt about whether it’s worth your time, examine these top four reasons:

1. Boost Your Brainpower

Learning how to speak, read and understand Korean is an invaluable skill that will give you access to the culture of South Korea. With subtitles or internet translations, there are some things that one can miss out on when listening.

Still, with hangul (Korean script), this becomes easier than ever! You’ll find yourself singing along far quicker, too, since most words have meanings just as much if not more so than their English counterparts. So there is no need for translation services anymore – provided they use translatable dialects at least!

2. Build Personal and Business Relationships

By learning Korean, you become a more valuable addition to your firm if you interact with Korean-speaking clients at work. If and when your company decides to grow into Korea’s dynamic economy, knowing the Korean language will place you ahead of the pack in a highly competitive and challenging market.

Learning Korean can also help you develop personal ties with Korean-speaking friends and family members. Your friends will admire your efforts to learn a new language and be eager to assist you in practicing and improving.

3. Better Travel Experience

Although it may seem difficult at first, learning Korean is an absolute must if you plan on visiting or living in Korea. Not only will knowing the language help settle your nerves when traveling around this unfamiliar country, but it also allows for more straightforward navigation.

Rather than bring around a Korean dictionary, learning the native language helps you find your way easier around the city. If you get lost and confused, it’s easier to ask around for help. Knowledge of the Korean writing system also makes you better adapt to the local surroundings. You are able to read Korean words in warnings, labels, and directions.

4. Gain Independence

If you can’t speak Korean, your itinerary would mainly include going to all the usual tourist attractions once you visit the country. Sure, you can hire a personal tour guide, but it can get expensive. And oftentimes, you are restricted and can only spend a few minutes on every location.

Imagine the fun you’ll experience as you can safely tour and venture to the city’s outskirts because you’re speaking Korean! You’ll be able to discover places that may not be on a tourist’s regular itinerary. Perhaps you’ll find a local artist’s shop that sells amazing souvenirs you can bring back home. Or, find a café serving some of the best local delicacies.

Just think of the many things you can do just because you can speak the language. Best of all, you can freely linger until you’re satisfied.

Is it hard to learn Hangul or Korean?

Contrary to what most people believe, Korean is not the most difficult language to learn. But of course, understanding Korean sentences and vocabulary words takes practice. Any language isn’t too complicated when you give your heart and effort, which also applies to learning Korean. 

How fast and slow students learn will depend on how much time is devoted to their studies and how proficient they are as language learners. 

Learn Korean Today

At first glance, the Korean language may not seem like something you learn for fun. But deciding to learn the Korean language can have plenty of advantages for you. It’s easy to understand and coupled with the strong popular culture behind it, making it a fun language to master with other fellow Korean learners. 

The usefulness of knowing the Korean language in traveling and living in South Korea and how you can use it for work is how you can truly see how magnificent it is to learn. Hopefully, after we give you the four reasons listed above, you now have the much-needed push to start learning the Korean language. Happy learning!


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