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Lavergne High School , Tennessee

Overview of Lavergne High School

Lavergne High School ranks 196th in Tennessee. Students are able to complete Advanced Placement(r) examinations and coursework. It is estimated that the AP(r) student participation at this School is 7 percent. The enrollment of minorities is 78 percent. This School one of the 12 high schools that are part of Rutherford County Schools

Lavergne High School 2022 Rankings

It has been ranked at #11,069 according to Lavergne High School is ranked #11,069 in the National Rankings. Schools are judged based by their performance on state-mandated exams, their graduation rate, and the extent to which in preparing students to go on college. Learn more about our methodology for determining the top Schools for High School.

All Rankings

  • #11,069in National Rankings
  • #196in Tennessee High Schools
  • #50in Nashville, TN Metro Area High Schools
  • #9in Rutherford County Schools High Schools

Ranking Factors

What was the score? This school did both nationally and across the state from 17,843 nationally ranked schools, and 353 schools that are ranked in Tennessee.

Students/Teachers at Lavergne High School

The numbers as well as percentages of students and teachers come from the data provided in the schools’ annual reports to government officials.

Total Enrollment


Test Scores at this High School

U.S. News calculates these school rankings by analyzing the performance of students on state-mandated tests as well as internationally accessible tests on college-level coursework (AP(r) or IB tests).

College Readiness Index


School Data

The information on school profiles is based on data from the government.

Graduation Rate

92 percent (somewhat lower than the average for the entire state)


This information is pertaining to high schools operated by the state-operating agency. There are many districts that have just the one secondary school.

Total Schools



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