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Lauren dumolo a missing Cape Coral woman

Lauren dumolo CAPE CORAL:

Lauren Dumolo, a missing Cape Coral woman, is getting national attention on the Dr. Phil Show.

Fox 4 learnt about Lauren’s latest effort to find her after speaking with Lauren, the woman who made it possible.

Whitney Vanosdol is her name and she lives in Cape Coral. She says that even though she has never met Lauren Dumolo personally, she felt a strong connection with her.

Vanosdol met Dr. Phil through her work as a hairdresser and make-up artist at major production companies in Los Angeles.

Lauren applied for a job at a sandwich shop in a convenience store on June 18, 2020. This was captured on surveillance camera.

Cassie Carey, Cassie’s sister, said the next day that she called Cassie Carey three times and messaged her, but never heard back.

Gabriel Pena, Lauren’s boyfriend on and off again, called Lauren’s father that evening

to inform her that she wasn’t home. Lauren’s father instructed him to call Lauren when she got back.

The call did not come.

lauren dumolo

Lauren’s purse was found in a park by a passerby on June 20 and it was turned over to police.

 Although Cape Coral police searched the area and used cadaver dogs to search for Lauren, Lauren was still missing.

View the Statement by Chief Anthony Sizemore of Cape Coral Police:

lauren dumolo’s family is still hopeful

lauren dumolo’s family is still hopeful, despite this setback. We appreciate the prompt response to our request for dental records from yesterday’s news conference. This evidence is crucial for our ongoing investigation. Lauren’s father Paul spoke to me and shared his mixed emotions. It’s hard to believe that Lauren will ever be safe, but it is possible to find closure.

lauren dumolo’s father said that he is now able to accept the loss of his daughter, but that he would prefer to have closure. Paul Dumolo admits that it is hard to put into words how he feels now. Paul stated, “I believe they shouldn’t have ever put anything out.”

13th of June 2021, the Cape Coral Police Department

13th of June 2021, the Cape Coral Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office held a joint press conference regarding the discovery in North Fort Myers of human remains. Although it was thought possible, not confirmed that Lauren

Dumolo’s remains may be the ones. The Cape Coral Police Department is currently investigating Lauren Dumolo’s missing persons case since June 2020.

Dental records have confirmed that the remains of a human being found in North Fort Myers were not those of Lauren Dumolo. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting this investigation.


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