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Latest Fortnite Update All Bug Fixes With New Map Added

Epic Games has recently updated Fornite with the Dragon Ball crossover which has added a variety of new games to play. The most recent release (version 21.40) adds new missions as well as the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival and the option to stream Dragon Ball Super episodes in-game as well as other.

In addition the map for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3 is also getting several changes, including it’s return to Lazy Lagoon, Pirate Cannons as well as a revamped Tilted Towers. The company has changed its blog post to reveal that it is collaborating with Dragon Ball collaboration and the new map modifications.

New map modifications are made in Fornite Update

Lazy Lagoon It was initially introduced during Chapter 1 of Season 8,, is returned to Fortnite and is now appearing as The Reality Tree has transformed The Daily Bugle into it. The return of the Lazy Lagoon, Pirate Cannons are also back in Fortnite and can be controlled by other players. You can shoot an unlimited number of cannonballs (with an interval every shot) or you can go into the barrel and shoot yourself.

In addition it has introduced a few changes to The Tilted Towers. Epic permitted players to utilize their gold bars in order to cast their votes on which of the damaged sites in the No Sweat Summer event. The Tilted Towers won the buildings which include The Restaurant created by Benmac, The Apartments by Charlee-brown and The Shops by 0ricent.Moreover, Android players will now be able to play Fortnite with 90 frames per second on devices compatible. According to the blog post users can locate the option to enable it in the settings under the video tab. If you are unable to locate the option, it’s because your device isn’t compatible, which is what the post suggests.( Fortnite Update)

However the company has advised that turning on this feature can draw power from your device and/or increase power consumption — which could result in an FPS decrease. Additionally, the latest update also contains important corrections to bugs.

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