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September 27th, 2022 is the last day you can access Summer 2022 courses on KSU D2L.

Courses for Fall 2022

On the first day of each session, students will be able to access Fall 2022 courses in D2L brightspace.

Please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for courses to become viewable in D2L Lightspace after Owl Express registration.

Courses on eCore

USG eCore courses (denoted with the letter G in the section number) are located at The eCore website contains information about support, usernames and how to reset your password.

Important reminder: After the last day of classes, seniors who are graduating or transferring should disable their notifications in D2L Brightspace. You will still receive Brightspace D2L notifications if you do not complete this step. If you need assistance, please contact the KSU Service Desk at or 470-578-3555.


Courses for Fall 2022

Instructors in D2L Brightspace can take Fall 2022 courses.

Important D2L News – Continuous Delivery

D2L is back to the “Continuous Delivery” model of software updates. Instead of a few large, periodic updates throughout the year, D2L provides regular, incremental improvements. We look forward to working together as we make these changes to D2L over the course of the year. You can learn more at, where we will continue to provide updates for D2L Brightspace and Continuous Delivery. Contact the KSU Service Desk for assistance or questions.

Course Shell Requests

To request a course that is not Owl Express-generated for D2L Brightspace, please use the Course Shell Request Form. For an Owl Express course request, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

The course shell works exactly like a normal course but does not have a start or an end date and has no automated student enrollment. Participant enrollment must be handled by the instructor. For course credit-earning activities, course shells can’t be used.

Third-party Integration Requests to KSU D2L Brightspace

Integrations are offered by many third-party vendors and publishers that allow you to connect to D2L Brightspace courses. These integrations are supported and supported by University Information Technology Services and Digital Learning Innovations. However, advance notice is required to ensure that the tool meets University accessibility and quality standards. Before any third-party integrations can be implemented, they must first be approved by the UITS and Digital Learning Innovation.

Is third-party integration possible in D2L Brightspace already?

These steps will help you to verify:

Log in to D2L to navigate to your course.

Select Content from the Navbar

Click Add a Module to add or select an existing module.

To check if the link is in the list, click the down arrow beside Existing Activities. If it appears, the tool has been integrated.

If the tool name is not listed in the Existing Activities List, click on External Learning Tools to find the link.

To request the tool name, complete the D2L Third Party Tool Integration Form. UITS strives for each D2L tool integration request to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Requests must be submitted at least one semester in advance.

Course Reset Requests

Administrators of UITS Learning Technologies can reset D2L courses upon request. In one, permanent action, Course Reset will restore the course to its original state. This will delete all data and there’s no way to restore it. It will not affect user enrollments.

Instructors of record must fill out and submit the Course Reset Request Form to reduce the possibility of accidental deletions.

Manual D2L Account creation

The automatic creation of an account will occur when the instructor assigns a course to Owl Express. The account will appear 48 hours after the instructor assigns or student registers.

To request manual creation of an Owl Express account, please fill out the form. See the notes below based on type of account.

Student Accounts

If the student account does not have a email address, please request an email override before requesting the KSU D2L account.

For Faculty/Staff Accounts

Before we can create a D2L Account, faculty and staff must have a Buckley Form with a FERPA Certificate on file at the Office of the Registrar. This must be verified with the Office of the Registrar. It can take a few days. Your patience is appreciated.

These requirements are not met yet? If so, you can request the following information.

1. Please take the FERPA training available on OwlTrain.

Login to OwlTrain with your KSU email address, and Duo authentication. The FERPA training assignment can be found under Compliance, listed under your name at the top of the page or under My Assignments.

Notification: Save a PDF copy of your FERPA Certificate as you will need it for the Buckley form.

2. Please fill out the Buckley form.

*Please ensure that you complete all fields before clicking the FINISH button.

As the forms are time-sensitive, make sure that your supervisor signs them.

Manual Enrollment by Instructors to the KSU D2L Course (emergency).

Please note that manual enrollment of an instructor for a D2L course may be required.

The instructor should manually enroll you in a course whenever it is possible, following the instructions on page 6 of this document.

The department chair or dean must approve enrollment by UITS faculty and staff in an Owl Express course for which the individual is not the instructor of record.

The form is available here for department chairs to request enrollment for themselves and/or another instructor.

Register 20+ Participants for D2L Course Shell

The instructor should handle enrollments of less than 20 people in a non-Owl Express course. Follow the steps listed on page 6 of this guide.

If you have more than 20 participants, please use this form to request bulk enrollment assistance.

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