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Kiki May : Age , height, Net worth and everything

Ted Lasso catapulted Kiki May to international stardom as a young actress. What follows is a complete guide to Kiki.

Kiki May is an active performer.

She’s a young, promising actress who has a recurring role in the hit American TV show Ted Lasso.

Her portrayal of Nora has won over viewers, and she is now considered one of the show’s top performers.

The Ted Lasso series is highly regarded by viewers, earning an 8.7/10 rating on IMDb.

The series follows American football coach Ted Lasso as he moves to England to work with the London Football Club.

Height And Age Of Kiki May

Kiki May is a pretty young lady, maybe no older than 20.

Flo Collins and Darren’s kid, she is the youngest main character in the show.

Given that she seems to tower over everyone at only 5 feet tall, she might be much younger than she appears.

Although she only appeared in a handful of films, her exact body proportions are still widely recognized.

How well-known is Kiki May, and what can we learn about her from her Wikipedia entry?
Kiki May is a newcomer to the world of movies.

A handful of her appearances are in 2021 releases, including the Ted Lasso series and the Louis Wain series (in which she plays a paper girl).

The role of Ted Lasso in the show will catapult her to fame at such an early stage in her career.

IMDb’s trivia also seems to be lacking in key areas, so much of her history remains a mystery.

If Kiki May has a husband, who is he? Family History Information
Nowadays, Kiki May appears to be too young to be married.

Because her private life is concealed from the public eye, it is unknown if she is currently dating or has a crush on someone.

As little is known about her personal life, we can safely infer that she is a single professional.

Kiki’s portrayal of Nora in Ted Lasso has made the role the family’s favorite, so they may feel a sense of accomplishment.

What is Kiki May net worth , Instagram And Social Media

Unfortunately, Kiki May has made her Instagram private for the time being.

When her fame develops, though, we may decide to revise it.

No estimate of her wealth is available at this time.

A skilled actress, her net worth is unknown at this time but could be in the thousands.


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