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Kelsey Henson Wiki, Family,Boyfriend,Husband

Kelsey Henson (born March 5 in 1990) is an Canadian fitness instructor and celebrity spouse, as well as a social media star from Canada. She is famous for having been Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s spouse. The Bjornsson’s husband is also known under other nicknames like “The Mountain” and the world’s toughest man.The woman is extremely popular and thousands of people are following her social networks. She once was able to pull a 13-ton heavy truck that had legs and became a hit on Instagram. On March 31 the couple shared a picture and revealed their new baby. Hafthor posted a photo and wrote “I’m getting richer, couldn’t be happier!” Kelsey also shared the same photo.

Wedding with Spouse Hafthor’s wife Julius Bjornsson & Dating

A lot of people know she is the wife of Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (The Mountain) who is the world’s most powerful man. You’ll be amazed by their story of love and how they came to meet. In the year 2017 Kelsey Henson met her husband Hafthor in a restaurant where Henson was serving as an server. When she recognized him, she requested a photo and ended up getting married. They began to date and in the year of 2018 they announced they would be tying the knot.We are able to see lots of their pictures on Instagram and everyone is aware of their love.

Figure Size, Height & Weight

The most powerful man has a wife who is strong too. Kelsey has a job as a fitness instructor as well. She is a lady for who exercise is her passion. In her Instagram account, you’ll see a variety of workout videos and photos. Their husband Hafthor Bjornsson is 6 feet 8 inches tall, whereas Kelsey Henson is only 5 3 inches (157.48 centimeters) tall and weighs only 52 kilograms (114.64 pounds. ).She is stunning and attractive, particularly due to her eyes that are blue. She is blonde and usually wears them loose. A majority of her pictures are gym attire and, aside from that, she likes to dress in jeans and a tshirt.

The well-known spouse is Canadian and is from Alberta. Kelsey Henson has kept her family’s secrets and there’s not any information about her parents. However, we learned her sister called Kathleen Henson, who is mostly professional photographer. We discovered that Henson is of French origins since Her mother was French. Her education was at the University of Alberta in Alberta and she received her degree at The University of Alberta whereas her schooling was in the local high school.


After graduating, Kelsey Henson started working as a manager of projects at Fort McMurray. Alongside a variety of nice jobs she also has done smaller tasks like server. She also served as an administrator for field services in Trevita Corporation. We estimated her net worth to be at $800k by 2020. At present, she’s an exercise instructor and gives online exercise programs. She also endorses a brand called “Transparent Labs”, which is a health supplement company. A large portion of his revenue comes from online promotions which she performs using the Instagram account. Her husband is an actor and athlete who has appeared in the renowned series Game of Thrones.

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