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Did Karen Derrico have a stroke?

Karen Derrico isn’t feeling well, so it seems like the family from Doubling Down with the Derricos is in trouble. Deon said his wife was in the hospital because she was paralyzed on one side. Fans are afraid that she may have had a stroke. 

Tonight is the last episode of Season 2 of the TLC show. (August 10). As another season of the family reality show comes to a close, the last episode has brought up a lot of questions about the family’s position, especially since the parents have 14 kids to take care of.

Karen Derrico: Did she have a stroke?

On the show, Deon is seen telling his mother that Karen was taken to the hospital quickly. He says, “Karen did look like she’d had a stroke. Her right side was completely disabled.

“We were just talking and kind of kidding, and she started crying with a straight face right away. There was no expression, and tears just kept falling.

“One of the scariest things,” says Deon.

GG is also upset about her daughter-in-law’s health, especially since she says on camera that the mother of 14 is only 41. 

Was the worry about a stroke real?

Deon was certain that his wife might have had a stroke. He can be heard saying, “When the side goes weak or numb, like being paralyzed, that’s usually a stroke. So I’m not sure.”

The stroke scare, on the other hand, came from Deon’s own experience, as both his brother and grandma have had strokes.

Karen did have a stroke, but neither the official report nor the sneak peek says so. 

Also, Karen’s most recent Instagram posts show that she’s doing well and that her body isn’t showing any signs of weakness.

On August 5, she shared a video with GG from the hospital thanking fans for their support and giving a report on the health of Deon’s mother. GG was taken to the hospital on August 3, but no other information was given.


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