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Kanye West and Pete Davidson : news update

A new opponent has arisen in the weeks-long struggle between Kanye West and Pete Davidson. As it became known that Pete was dating Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye posted a series of notes about Pete and made a music video for a song where he seemed to kill and bury Pete. Now, Kanye West has set his sights on the comedian David Pollack.

Pete Davidson may have texted Kanye.

On March 13, Saturday Night Live co-worker Dave Sirius published a text exchange between Pete and Kanye to his Instagram account. Although it is hard to determine whether or not the texts are genuine, they certainly generated a great deal of online discussion. Pete seems to ask Kanye if they can manage their issue offline since it is beginning to damage his children in messages that have since been erased.

Pete seems to write in the messages, “Kim is simply the finest mother I’ve ever encountered.” What she does for those kids is incredible, and you are so f—-ing blessed that she’s your kids’ mother.” I’ve decided I will no longer permit you to treat us in this manner, and I will no longer remain silent. “Grow the eff up!”

Kanye appeared to reply by asking Pete where they should meet, and Pete even suggested that they settle their dispute face to face.

Ultimately, though, the comic appears to soften his tune and admit that he, too, has suffered with his mental health.

He appears to write, “Let me help you, man; I deal with mental issues as well.” “The trip is not easy, but you no longer have to feel this way. There is no shame in needing assistance. You’ll be so content and peaceful. I have your back despite you treating me poorly because I want everything to go well.”

Who is David Pollack?

Once the text conversations were revealed, Kanye posted on Instagram asking if anybody knew Dave Sirius’ location. One person replied, “I think his true name is David Pollack, not Sirus, originally from Atlantic City. Brooklyn! He lived in flats with others his entire life!”

David was hired to write for SNL in 2015 and continues to do so to this day. He and Pete have been good friends for the duration of their relationship, and they even worked together on The King of Staten Island. However, David is now more prominent than ever in their friendship.

If the text exchanges he revealed were authentic and between Kanye and Pete, it appears the turmoil between the two over Kim is far from ended, despite Pete’s wishes.


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