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Joyce Wrice has the perfect vibe to make your L.A. summer as sultry as it needs to be


After years spent hustling as an independent artist in L.A., Joyce Wrice is finally getting her shine.

It seems that her debut album, “Overgrown,” a years-long project that she released independently in March, is everywhere in L.A.. With its combination of ‘90s R&B inflections and features — from artists that include Freddie Gibbs, Lucky Daye and Kaytranada — “Overgrown” immediately became a sultry anthem factory for a summer that felt as if it was coming out of dormancy. The cover — featuring a vibey, nostalgia-inducing image of Wrice in a matching white two-piece outfit with wind blowing through her curls, reminiscent of Mariah Carey’s “Butterfly” (which, yes, was on the mood board) — has popped up all over L.A.

“It’s pretty surreal to have it out,” Wrice says of the album. “I feel really proud, very fulfilled and just motivated to continue elevating and getting better at my craft.”

Since moving to L.A. from San Diego, Wrice learned from stalwarts like Dom Kennedy and Polyester The Saint. Her baseline though has always been informed by her childhood favorites: Brandy, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah.

Wrice is preparing for in-person shows again this fall, including spots on the lineup at Brooklyn’s Lights On Festival in October, curated by H.E.R., and Day N Vegas in November.

“Now, I’m excited to perform it,” Wrice says about performing her debut live.

Still buzzing from the success of “Overgrown,” Wrice is basking in the limelight of Leo season and listening to TikTok-famous songs on repeat. Let her make your L.A. summer as sultry as it needs to be.

Black letters on a white backdrop that read, "Fill in the blank."

The mantra keeping me sane:

Mantra: 'stay ready so you ain't gotta get ready!'

My favorite self-care ritual right now:

text: 'decorating my new place' illustration of a couch

Where I’m cooling off in L.A. this summer:

wine glasses with text: probably at some wine bar. I would be out dancing but this pandemic got me staying low this year

The product giving me life:

illustration of ice cubes on fire with text: Japanese icy cool spray. It's hot as Hell.

I feel most like myself when:

illustrations of a Great Dane and a rottweiler with text: I'm around rottweilers and other massive dogs.

🔥~🌟 ~ 🌟 ~🔥~🌟~🔥

My playlist right now

🔥~🌟 ~ 🌟 ~🔥~🌟~🔥

A selfie that captures my mood this month:

selfie of joyce wrice

“Stream ‘Overgrown’ by Joyce Wrice.”

The best photo in my camera roll:

A woman with long curly hair lies down next to gym equipment

“Coming back to life after dying from an intense workout. No pain no gain!”

A meme I can’t get out of my head:

Marge Simpson recoils from a woman in a bikini with her chest pressed against the window. text: leo szn, rest of the zodiac

“I’m a Leo and this is so accurate.”

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