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JonBenet Ramsey case: Newly found documents show

Documents discovered from the beginning of the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation show DNA evidence discovered beneath her fingernails and under her clothes did not match with relatives of the Ramsey family as well as others who were close to the investigation only a few weeks after the murder.

The police over the years have kept speculating that her parents had been under “an investigation” for the brutal murder The new book, “The Smit Case,” examines the the late Colorado detective Lou Smit, who worked on the case, makes clear in its first pages.

“Lou and JonBenet: A Legendary Lawman’s Quest to Solve a Child Beauty Queen’s Murder,” by John W. Anderson, a former El Paso County sheriff-turned-author, is scheduled for publication by WildBlue Press on Feb. 28.

“For the last quarter century over the last quarter-century, Boulder police have for the past quarter-century Boulder police have not taken note of the DNA evidence that disproved Ramsey. Ramseys and could help in identifying the person responsible for her murder,” Anderson argues in the book.

The documents were pulled from Smit’s archives which his family members shared with a group of investigators. Smit is an experienced Colorado Springs detective, came out of retirement in 1997, at the request by Boulder County District Attorney’s Office. Boulder County District Attorney’s Office to investigate the JonBenet investigation.

Excerpts from the January 1997 DNA results are available on the internet, however Anderson who shared it to Fox News Digital, said that the team believes Smit’s results may be the only one unredacted copy that is in the hands of any person other than law enforcement. Boulder authorities had previously refused FOX News Digital’s requests for the exact document.

Smit was adamant that the most likely suspect was an intruder. In 1998, he quit and expressed displeasure with the Boulder Police Department’s insistance that JonBenet’s parents were suspects.

“At this stage of the investigation, “the case’ informs me it is not true that John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey did not murder their daughter, but that the most dangerous killer is in the wild and nobody is currently searching for him,” he wrote in an resignation letter 19 months after he had answered the DA’s request.

Following the death of Smit in 2010his family members released thousands of his papers with a group who calls it”the JonBenet Ramsey Smit Family Team. They found the DNA laboratory results which were provided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to lead detective Thomas Trujillo on Jan. 15 1997, shortly after Smit’s suicide. (Trujillo remains in the department. The department in December 2022, suspended Trujillo for three days along with an order for an uninvoluntary shift to night patrol following an audit concluded that the department was not investigating the cases.)


“If the minor components of the exhibits #7, 14L, and 14M were authored by one person and not by a single person, then John Andrew Ramsey, Melinda Ramsey, John B. Ramsey, Patricia Ramsey, Burke Ramsey, Jeff Ramsey, John Fernie, Priscilla White, and Mervin Pugh are not considered as sources of the DNA that was analyzed on these samples,” according to the study report.

Anderson who is a part from the squad, claims within his forthcoming memoir Boulder police hid the evidence. In citing Smit’s notes Anderson writes about the CBI Lab DNA report’s findings were not made public to the county prosecutor for several months.

“Boulder Police Department Investigations Division has been operating with a tradition for the past quarter century of not properly investigating or not pursuing the cases of their officers,” the officer stated to Fox News Digital and referred to Trujillo’s suspension in December along with other investigators.

Boulder authorities didn’t immediately reply to an inquiry to comment via Fox News Digital.

However, experts have warned against making assumptions about this 1997 CBI report.

Doctor. Michael Baden, famed pathologist for forensics who was a Former New York City medical examiner and Fox News contributor, said the DNA report contains the word “no” in reference to a “smoking weapon” and there was a distinct disagreement between investigators, but that doesn’t suggest that they were not doing their job.


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