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John Lewis Invictus Academy ,Georgia

Overview of John Lewis Invictus Academy

John Lewis Invictus Academy an institution of public education situated within Atlanta, GA, which is situated in a thriving city location. The number of students at John Lewis Invictus Academy is approximately 950, and the school caters to students the age group of 6-8. The school’s student-teacher ratio is 15. John Lewis Invictus Academy, the school’s students scored above the proficiency level for maths, while 13% scored higher than that for reading. The number of minority students in the school is 100 percent. The ratio of students to teachers is 15 which is higher than the average of the district. The students are comprised of 50 percent women and 50 percent male students. The school is home to all students who are economically challenged. There are equivalent to 65 full-time teachers as well as 2 permanent school counselors.

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John Lewis Invictus Academy 2022 Rankings

This Academy is ranked 413-551 in Georgia Middle Schools. Schools are evaluated based on their scores on state-required exams, graduation, as well as the extent to which they prepare students for the high school experience. Learn more about our methodology for ranking the top middle Schools.

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  • #413-551in Georgia Middle Schools
  • #18-24in Atlanta Public Schools Middle Schools

Students/Teachers at John Lewis Invictus Academy

The numbers and percentages of students as well as teachers come from the data provided by the state’s education departments to the federal government.

Test Scores at this Academy

In this Academy, the school had 6% of students who achieved or exceeded the proficiency level for math and 13% scored above the proficient level for reading. Compared to districts, this school performed better in math, and less in reading, as per this measure. At Atlanta Public Schools, 34 percent of students were tested on or over the level of proficiency in reading, and 34% of them tested at or above the proficient standard at or above that level for math. This Academy performed better in math, and worse in reading when compared to students all across Georgia. In Georgia 40% of the students passed in the level of proficiency for reading, while 43% were tested at or above the standard for math.

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