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JK Moving Services Review and Prices in 2023

About JK Moving

JK Moving Services places No. 1 in our ranking for The Best Moving Company of 2023. JK Moving was established in 1979. The company offers commercial and residential long-distance interstate and international moving and storage services and local moving capabilities across three states. JK is one of the few international moving firms awarded FAIM certification from FIDI, a federation of global moving companies. Corporate and private relocations, commercial moves and government relocations are the primary focus of JK Moving Services. The company’s headquarters is in Virginia, with additional offices for corporate clients located in Maryland and Washington D.C.

JK Moving Review

Ranked # 1 in Best Moving Companies of 2023

Ranked #1 in Best Long Distance Moving Companies of 2023

Ranked #1 in Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2023

Ideal for:

  • Relocation service experts
  • Government services for moving
  • Community and eco-friendly

Not advised for:

  • Moving with a low budget
  • Local moves that are not in D.C. and surrounding areas

JK Moving’s emphasis on relocation and commercial moving services is apparent in its 30 distinct services available to its customers. Office furniture removal, reconstruction removal, reconfiguration of cubicles, and IT technology removal and repair are only some of the offerings on the JK website. Services include various storage options for commercial use, such as records and data storage and products devoted to project planning and management strategies.

For government-related moving, JK provides government-cleared moving teams and seamless services, including office realignments, classified information or asset removal.

JK Moving enjoys status as an environmentally-friendly business, as demonstrated by the awarding of an Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWinner Award in 2017. JK Moving’s blog demonstrates JK’s commitment to enriching communities by providing charitable financial and service services and recent purchase partnerships of landmarks and land for conservation efforts.

But residential mover clients looking to cut costs on moving expenses might want to shop around. JK Moving’s price to relocate the household belongings of the one-bedroom house we tested over 500 miles exceeds the cost of the closest competitor for the Best Moving Companies of 2023 rating.

Interstate, long-distance and international relocation are JK’s mainstays. However, local residential moving and storage services are offered only within Washington, D.C., and selected locations located in Virginia and Maryland.

How Much Does JK Moving Cost?

Based on our test homes, moving the household belongings of a family with two bedrooms in San Jose, CA, to Austin, TX (1,500 miles) during mid-July costs $17,316 through JK Moving Services. A single-bedroom home moving only 500 miles is $7,690 with JK.

The company’s website offers no-cost quotation requests and a residential moving blog with tips and other information. On the website are pages that provide insurance information and some details on third-party financing with access to credit pre-approval. JK does not provide any information about discounts available or the required deposits to reserve a moving date. Cost estimates are available; however, an expense calculator isn’t accessible on the website.

What Services Are Offered by JK Moving?

JK moving’s vetted, and background-checked moving crews provide commercial, residential military, government, and residential storage and moving services. The services offered are limited in local availability and are primarily focused on corporate and private relocations, interstate and long-distance moving, and international moving services.

The company offers car moving, move financing via a third-party lender, 24-hour customer service and storage options for residential customers. Commercial services consist of a variety of services that are designed to facilitate seamless office IT equipment, industrial equipment as well as employee relocation, as well as everything homeowners appreciate. JK’s government storage and moving services go one step beyond that by offering government-approved staff to protect sensitive information.

Commercial and residential customers and homeowners can use three tools for price estimation offered by JK. An Artificial Intelligence-supported technology called Yembo can be used to take a self-service survey to determine moving costs. The company also provides live surveys, either in-home or by any of JK’s Move Consultants.

Where Is JK Moving Available?

Local storage and moving services are offered across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. JK Moving and Storage offers services across the globe. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) insured and licensed to offer services in each of the fifty U.S. states.

JK Moving Optional Services

JK Moving offers many optional services. Storage facilities offered by JK Moving are accessible to residential and commercial customers and include modern warehouse facilities with surveillance cameras on a 24-hour basis. Motion detection, fire suppression, and climate controls ensure the contents are stored safely.

The full-service packing service is also offered. JK’s professional movers are equipped to meet all of your packing requirements. They are also available to just pack a part of your possessions, such as packing only suitable for fragile items. JK Moving also allows DIY packing and has a wide selection of equipment.

As one of two policy options for insurance, JK can protect your possessions with complete replacement valuation insurance. The other option is a standard industry valuation insurance policy. If you are looking for finance options, Enhancify collaborates with Enhancify to assist you in finding a loan to cover moving costs. Zero percent and pre-approval options could be offered by certain lenders who are associated with Enhancify.


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