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Jay Alvarrez involved in an affair in a relationship with Alexis Ren

 Jay Alvarrez?

Jay Alvarrez was born in Hawaii on the 5th of July 1995. He was kicked out of the high-school after the untimely death of his mother of cancer at barely 14.

 He was a child when his father took care of him, and he’s since grown into a well-known model as well as a travel blogger and Social media celebrity.

Jay Alvarrez has 6.4 million Instagram followers as of the time of publication. As model, he’s been a model for brands such as Aldo, Bonds swimwear, Calvin Klein, Express, Ralph Lauren and Hyundai. Alvarrez is the GQ Fashion Russia’s cover model in September of 2020.

Fans are Taking Note of Jay’s Exes. Here’s the reason

It’s typical for social media celebrities to apologize publicly after committing a blunder or two. However, Jay isn’t the type of person. In fact, he’s not in his

relationships in relationships with Alexis Ren and Svetlana Bilyalova whom he made

an extremely famous coconut oil video with. However, prior to Svetlana, Jay was in an intense affair with his Vlogging buddy in crime, Alexis.

If your relationship is Instagram well-known.

“Do you remember the day you transitioned to Alexis Ren the homeschooled kid from Cali and then into Alexis Ren the internet sensation?” Alex asked.

“I do. It was my ex who posted the first lifestyle clip that we made,” Alexis replied.

“I was unsure of what was going on using the camera. We were just playing around. Then we awoke next day to every newscast talking about it.”

And they didn’t cease. Alexis as well Jay’s video quickly became the focus of attention. A personal look at the relationship that was very pleasing to the eye that everybody wanted to emulate.

Education Background

Jay isn’t a graduate and hasn’t completed his studies. He left school in grade 7 , and since then, he has been trying to build a career follow his passion and heart. He has us believing that the degree is just a bit of paper.

Jay Alvarrez Marital Status and Relations:

A talented model Jay Alvarrez is currently single and not married. He has been involved in relationship since 12 years. 

He first had a relationship with his fellow schoolmate Amber however we aren’t sure

what happened when they split. He then dated Chase Miller for some years and then he had a new relationship in the form of Alexis Ren and sadly they also ended their relationship in 2016.


The birth date was the 5th of July 1995 on the island of Oahu, HI.

He is known for his travel video clips on YouTube.

Jay Alvarrez has more than 12 million subscribers to the YouTube channel.

He was involved in an affair in a relationship with Alexis Ren but later they split up.

Jay is also well-known for his work on Instagram having more than six million followers.

He also modelled for large brands.



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