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Island Boys Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Income

You may be familiar with Island Boys if you frequently use TikTok and enjoy rap music. They are a hip-hop duo who became incredibly well-known on TikTok.

According to the Island Boys Wiki, the group consists of Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas) and Kodiyakredd, twin siblings (Franky Venegas).

Island Boys bio

The Island Boys are from South Florida, according to Wikipedia. With the popularity of their song “I’m an Island Boy,” they became pretty popular.

The pair chose to pursue rap music as a career. A clip of their performance went viral on Twitter in 2021. The guys’ unusual look, which included vertical dreadlocks, diamond teeth, and tattoos, was trendy on TikTok. In November 2021, they gave their first significant performance. They turned down a record deal with Kodak Black, according to insiders.

They are fraternal twins, according to their bio. Their birthday is July 16, 2001. They were born in America and had their headquarters there.

Island Boys Net Worth

The Island Boys’ net worth is reportedly over $700,000. Upon the release of their song “I’m an Island Boy,” they gained online fame. Their net worth is worth Rs 5.7 crores in Indian rupees.

Rapping is how they make their monthly living. The pair became well-known in 2021. Although fresh to the scene, they have already become quite popular. They are making a good living for their age.

Early Life

We will discuss their early life in this portion of the biography and other pertinent information.

Alex and Franky Venegas, sometimes known as the Island Boys, are fraternal twins. They are 21 years old and were born on July 16, 2001. South Florida is the origin of Island Boys. They were born in Cuba.


Many of you are curious to learn more about the education. Regrettably, neither Island Boys College nor School is publicly accessible.

How did they become well-known?

Speaking about their professional development, they became well-known on TikTok and other social media sites. The pair achieved sudden stardom as their videos quickly went viral.

There are verified Instagram profiles. Flyysoulja has 1.8 million followers compared to Kodiyakredd’s 1.7 million.

Private Lives

Nothing is known about the family. We do, however, know that the siblings’ father passed away in 2007 due to a cardiac arrest. According to what is known, they have a tight bond with their mother, a housewife.

The religion of their needs to be clarified.

Both are unmarried in terms of romantic relationships. It could be more apparent if they were in a relationship.


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