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Is Pearl Fernandez is still alive?

Who is Pearl Fernandez?

In 2013, Pearl Fernandez and her lover Isauro Aguirre killed her son Gabriel Fernandez in their California home. Pearl is serving a life sentence in the Central California Women’s Facility. She was given a life sentence without the chance of release. Pearl pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and murder by torture in 2018; however, she did not get the death sentence. But even though she said she was sorry, the court told her that what she did was “horrible, inhumane, and nothing short of evil.”

During the trial, the jury heard that Gabriel’s mother and her boyfriend tortured and abused him for eight months before he died. The abuse includes beatings, being forced to ingest cat litter and excrement, and being shot with a BB pistol, among other things. Gabriel’s siblings, whose father Arnold Contreras also lived with Pearl, were also abused, but not as much as Gabriel. Jonathan Hatami, who was a deputy district attorney, suspected that Pearl and Aguirre tortured Gabriel because they thought he was gay.

On the day Gabriel was killed, Pearl and Aguirre thrashed him because he didn’t tidy up his toys. Aguirre was given a death sentence for his part in the murder, but he has not yet been put to death because of a ban on the death penalty in California.

What happened to Pearl Fernandez?

Pearl is serving a life sentence without the chance of parole at the Central California Women’s Facility. In 2018, she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and murder by torture. She didn’t get the death penalty because of the plea agreement, but a court turned down her request for a new sentence in 2021. Yvette Garcia, who says she was a prisoner at the same place as Pearl, says that when Pearl first arrived at the jail, she was beaten by another prisoner. For the attack, the lid of a tuna can was used to cut her up while other prisoners splashed boiling water on her.

Angel Annie Medina, who was thought to have made the attack, was killed in a shooting after she got out of jail. Pearl felt terrible about killing Gabriel. Before she was sentenced, she said in court that she was sorry for what she had done and wished she had made better decisions.

Is Pearl Fernandez still alive?

Pearl Fernandez is still alive; that’s true. It’s tough to fathom how a woman could kill her 8-year-old son. Gabriel Fernandez was abused and tortured for months before he died, and even though social services and the police knew about it, they did nothing to help him. This tragedy shows that those who interact with children, including teachers and healthcare workers, need more excellent training to be able to see indicators of child abuse and neglect and report them quickly.

Gabriel’s case was reported to social services more than once, but his mother and her boyfriend were left to care for him. This highlights how dangerous it is to ignore complaints of child abuse and how important it is to take them seriously, look into them thoroughly, and act quickly to safeguard the kid.

Isauro Aguirre was punished for what he did and was put to death for his part in Gabriel’s killing. This is an excellent way to remember how essential justice is for victims, their families, and society as a whole.

How old is Pearl Fernandez now?

Pearl Fernandez, who is 39 years old, has already been condemned to live in jail without the chance of parole for her role in her own son Gabriel Fernandez’s terrible death. It is pretty sad and upsetting to think that a woman could hurt and mistreat her own child so much that it led to his premature death.

Even though Fernandez still has a lot of life ahead of her, it is a horrible waste that she will spend the rest of her days in jail, paying for what she did. The terrible truth of this case shows how important it is to safeguard children who are vulnerable and how professionals need improved training to spot and report child abuse and neglect.

Pearl Fernandez Siblings

Since the catastrophe, Gabriel Fernandez’s siblings, Ezequiel and Virginia, have asked for and been given their space. A documentary says that they now have a safe, stable home with a family member, which is very important for their recuperation after going through such horrible occurrences.

The psychotherapist who is working on the case is hopeful that the siblings will be able to get well, but they know that it will take a long time because of the scary things they went through. Gabriel’s brother and sister told social workers that their mother pushed them to lie, and Ezequiel said he was afraid that he, too, would be abused. Even though it was hard, both Ezequiel and Virginia were brave and testified at the murder trial of Isauro Aguirre, the boyfriend of their mother.


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