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10 Things you must know about Irish women

Irish females are fascinating and attractive, but they often remain a mystery to males… and even women who are interested in Irish women!

It’s true that we Irish women prefer things to be done in a certain manner. It’s up to the love of our lives to understand how to handle us wonderful people.

If you’re looking for love interest all over the world, sit down and pay attention, because this is our comprehensive guide to everything you must be aware of concerning Irish ladies…

As faithful as they get

Irish women boast of being extremely loyal to those they cherish. Therefore, be careful not to stand in the way of a woman’s relationship with her family or friends, or you could end up in fights!

How do they enjoy their tea

Nothing is more essential for an Irish woman seeking peace than a well-brewed cup of tea . It’s your duty to be the male that she has in her daily life, to understand the exact way she enjoys the tea. Nothing can frustrate the Irish female more than repeating her daily routine especially when she can’t remember her preference after making one cup.

Fashionable timekeeping

They Irish as a group are known for having a relaxed attitude to timekeeping, but it’s the females of the race that truly go above and beyond. If your sweet lady informs you that she’ll be ready within 20 minutes, know that you’ll have to wait for about an hour or more, however waiting for a long time, it will be worth it!

Yours is their heating

Irish women are famous for their coldness regardless of the time of year. Be prepared before you go to your bed, because two blocks of Ice (which appear to be her feet) will be placed around your legs, which you’ll of course accept without a protest.

The white sheets of a no-no

A common occurrence for contemporary Irish woman is the layers upon layers of fake tanning. If you’re looking to be stress-free and have your bedroom look warm and inviting to the woman you like, take off the white sheets because the stripes of bright orange bedding are not romantic.

Beware of appearing ‘grand’

In the course of a chat to an Irish woman, be sure to exercise beware when she claims that she’s fine or “Grand’ (usually through gritted teeth). 9 times out of 10, your woman is anything but , and when you’re forced to ask whether she’s alright even though she’s not, you should batten down the hatches and be ready to weather the storm.

Treat yourself with respect

Irish tradition dictates that each participant at a table needs to purchase a drink and, unlike our European colleagues, Irish women are no novices to digging into their pockets to pay to pay for their table. To take the Irish lady off of her feet you can buy her a few drinks even if you be in a dispute over payment (she is a fierce competitor for the drink in return) This gesture will be a hugely valued as free drinks are rare!

For the love of onion and cheese

If your lady is a Tayto fan or a King fanatic You will never be able to avoid the flavor (or the smell) of Ireland’s most loved flavor that is crisps (cheese and onions) when you get as an Irish lady. Get ready to deal with it, or perhaps take her to the dark side to each enjoy a taste delicious cheese heaven.

Beautiful and barefoot

Irish women are awestruck by their heels However, most of them will be seen at 3 in the morning walking barefoot through the streets with their shoes draped casually across their shoulders. The mud, dirt roads and a few pieces of glass aren’t going to stop any Irish woman from wearing her shoes off and putting them on. Don’t even think about trying to offer them to her Instead, just do the brave step and take her shoe or even take them off!

Then finally…choose your words with care

Be aware when talking with an Irish woman If you hear “What’s that supposed to mean What’s the meaning?’. Your cailin will not be satisfied and is likely to demand to hear a quick explanation, which could put you in an even deeper hole… You’ve been warned!

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