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Where To Invest in Real Estate in Florida, US

Florida is the sunny holiday state of the US, and its wonderful weather, waterways and beaches also make it a popular place to live. We look at the cities offering the best real estate investment opportunities.

Exploring Florida: The Best Way to Travel 

The most time-efficient way to explore Florida is to travel by private plane. Why?

  • You can travel when it’s convenient. You don’t need to fit around airline schedules and waste time and money waiting for flights. 
  • You will have access to around ten times more airports than commercial flights serve. You can often depart from closer to home and land nearer your destination. A more direct flight means reduced transfers, less stress, and less wasted time and money. 

If you often fly by private jet, a private jet card can guarantee you rapid access to a plane at a great price. Flying between Florida’s cities is quick and easy when you fly privately, giving you time to view multiple properties and acquaint yourself with the neighborhoods.

Florida’s Cities: Which One is Best for Investment?

To get you ahead of the game, here’s our quick guide to Florida’s most popular cities.


Jacksonville is the largest city on Florida’s eastern seaboard. It’s famous for its nightlife, beaches, waterways and mild climate. Its 24/7 monorail makes it easy to get around the city and explore the many museums, galleries and extensive parks. With its relatively inexpensive cost of living, it’s a popular place to live, do business and spend a vacation.

Your Private Jet Charter to Jacksonville

Jacksonville is very accessible, served by 16 airports, with some in the city itself. These include Jacksonville Nas/Towers Airport, Craig Municipal Airport, Herlong Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport.


Famous as theme park central, Orlando is home to Disney World, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, SeaWorld, Orlando, Universal Orlando Resort, Legoland Florida and more. This year-round vacation spot has good weather, and top-class golf courses and resorts. Its shopping, nightlife and cuisine are also a draw. The Atlantic Coast is a short drive away and Kennedy Space Centre lies 40 miles east.

Your Private Jet Charter to Orlando

The closest airports are Orlando Executive Airport (3 miles away) and Orlando International Airport (9 miles). Other nearby airports are Orlando Apopka Airport and Kissimmee Gateway Airport, both under 20 miles away


Tampa, on the Gulf of Mexico, is a true vacation hotspot. Tampa Bay is dotted with hotels, resorts, and famous beaches, and Orlando is only an hour away. The city boasts a historic Cuban-influenced area, Ybor City, and the beautiful four-mile-long Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It’s also home to museums, famous gardens, Florida Aquarium and Adventure Island. However, it’s not purely a holiday city; there are many successful businesses, including five on the Fortune 500 list.

Your Private Jet Charter to Tampa

There are four airports within the city itself: Tampa International Airport, Tampa Executive Airport, Peter O. Knight Airport and Tampa North Aero Park. 

Our Top Choice for Real Estate Investment in Florida: Miami

Miami has to be our best recommendation for real estate investment. That’s because this major cruise ship port, the ‘Capital of Latin America’, has it all.

Five Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Miami

  1. The hugely successful tourist industry attracts everyone from weekend breakers to winter holiday home renters. It offers fantastic beaches, watersports, and golf courses. The city has award-winning restaurants, Latino dance clubs and vibrant nightlife. There’s a historic art-deco district and many gardens, theme parks, museums, and galleries to explore. The beautiful Everglades are to the west, and the Florida Keys to the south.
  2. Miami is the trade gateway to Latin America and has a thriving business sector. It’s home to many international banks, telecoms businesses and Fortune 500 companies, and the epicenter of Spanish-language media. Yet it’s also one of the prime cities in the US for start-ups.
  3. It’s a very desirable place to live thanks to its beaches, climate, outdoor lifestyle and glamour.
  4. The real estate market is booming; Miami house values rose by more than 22% in the last year.
  5. The rental market is highly competitive; Miami-Dade County had the most competitive apartment rental market in 2022, with an average of 32 applicants per apartment. 

Your Private Jet Charter to Miami

Miami Downtown Heliport is in the city center, and Opa-Locka Executive Airport and Miami International Airport are within 12 miles. 

“We’re Going to Miami”

While all four of these cities offer great investment potential, Miami’s prices are worth paying for the high, guaranteed yield. It’s also a great place to invest in a holiday home or permanent residence for yourself. So why not charter a private jet to Miami asap and discover the city—and its real estate opportunities?


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