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Are there any plans to NetherRealm Studios release Injustice 3? This is perhaps one of the biggest questions being addressed by the community of fighting games in the present, with a lot of players unsure of the current state of the game amid the turmoil in the Warner Bros Discovery merger.

It’s no surprise that there’s a huge demand for a new installment in this Warner Bros DC Comics brawler and there’s certainly many storylines to be resolved following the ending in Injustice 2.

We do believe we know that NeatherRealm Studios have been working on a new game since the month of July 2021 when the developer announced that they would be ending service for Mortal Kombat 11 – it’s yet to be determined what the “next idea” is. It could be an Marvel fighter, and it is reported to be in the works as well. And looking at the speed at which Studio is being working in conjunction with Marvel Games to develop new games this isn’t the most crazy idea at the moment.

We’ll presume for now that Injustice 3 is up next and if you’re interested to learn more about the upcoming game, here’s the information you’ll need in one spot, so keep on reading.

The release date for Injustice 3 is set

As of this writingthis, there’s still no date of release in place for Injustice 3, since Netherealm is yet to officially announce the game. We’ve already touched on it that there’s still plenty of disagreement about what the studio is developing internally.

However, we do are aware that NeatherRealm generally has a similar structure in their release schedules. The table below illustrates that, typically, their studio release brand new game each year. were it not because of this year’s COVID 19 Pandemic as well as the ongoing controversy concerning Warner Brothers’ merger with Discovery, it’s likely that they would have launched something prior to now. We’re currently waiting, and we believe that whatever it is the studio is currently working on, be it Injustice or another game, will most likely be released by 2023.

Injustice 3 Leaks

28 January 2022 Jonathan Andersen, a NetherRealm senior producer may have revealed a major clue that the studio’s next title might include Mortal Kombat 12.

Andersen posted the photo below, and then scrubbed the image 10 minutes afterward. The eagle-eyed followers noticed the image on his screen was a MK12_Mast file. Fans who want to improve the image will see a part of an email which is titled “our fans constantly search the internet looking for any sign … Be extra care with this content.”

A few fans believe that this may be a deliberate leak. We’re sure of how Ed Boon loves to tease fans. NetherRealm hasn’t made a comment on the blog We’ll keep an eye on the company’s announcement.

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