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How to use anxiety to your advantage

The concept of sexual intimacy is not one that’s given much consideration by parents or even schools. So, it’s easy for you to grow up with the whole notion of what it means to get intimate with the opposite sex means. Most times, people in this category end up developing a high level of anxiety about any sex-related activity or even sexual intercourse itself. So, if you are wondering why some persons exhibit a high level of anxiety when it comes to having sex or exploring their sexuality, it’s because, over time, they haven’t been opened to the proper ways of handling such situations 

However, it is interesting to note that even in your anxiety, you could make the most of sexual relationships depending on how much you are willing to explore. Acknowledging that you get scared when the topic of sex is brought to the table is not enough reason to say you’d be better at sex if taught. You need to be willing to go the extra mile, which will involve using your anxiety as a tool to better your understanding of the concept of sex. There are various means of getting rid of your sexual anxieties, and one of the most effective is by consuming porn videos. It is worth noting that there are several genres of porn videos that could help you get your confidence level high such that anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Top 3 types of porn videos that could help get rid of sexual anxiety 

As mentioned earlier, consuming an adequate amount of porn videos could be the solution to your sexual anxiety. However, it is essential to note that porn could be addictive and can become a problem if not properly managed. Hence, the reason why you need to consume an adequate amount so that you don’t get addicted. Here are some of the porn genres that could help you eliminate sexual anxiety

Animated porn: 

Animated porn is one of the most interesting and most popular genres of porn in the entire adult entertainment industry. The reason for its popularity is not only because of its theme (Japanese) but because of how relatable it could be. While some other types of porn could come as abstract, the animated porn industry accommodates all your kink and fetishes. So, if you have been too timid to explore your sexual desires because of how extreme you think your fetishes are, the animated porn industry is saying welcome. The more you consume animated porn videos, the more you become comfortable exploring your sexual desires and getting rid of all forms of sexual anxieties. 

Bisexual porn: 

If your sexual anxiety is a result of you being afraid of your sexuality, one of the best ways to help you get the hang of the situation is to consume bisexual porn. With adequate consumption of bisexual porn, you get to understand some important facts about being bisexual. Bisexual porn videos will keep you interested in not only exploring your sexuality, but also help you understand the importance of exploring. Anxiety could come as a result of you being too careful to explore your sexual orientations and gender identities. However, with an adequate amount of bisexual porn videos, you don’t only understand some other sexual experiences about yourself, but you also build your self-confidence and improve your sexual experiences with the right choice of porn. 

BDSM porn: 

This type of porn is unlike any regular genre of porn, as it features two types of individuals. The dominator and the receiver. Irrespective of the character you chose to be, you get to explore your kink most noticeably. In BDSM, there’s nothing like being shy, as your anxiety and shyness are both conquered minutes after they begin exploring this type of sex. Consuming an adequate amount of BDSM porn videos will help you get rid of every form of anxiety since you have the opportunity of switching from being the receiver of pleasure to the dominator anytime you wish depending on how well your partner understands the concept of BDSM. 

Sexual anxiety is one of those few stumbling blocks that might hinder your sexual prowess, especially if you have been harbouring it for a long time. Depending on whether you enjoy the top of sex or not, if you envision yourself getting married and giving birth to children or if you’d one day love to have a relationship, it is important that you work on your sexual anxiety. As mentioned above, you can combat it using porn videos. There are, however, numerous porn videos on the internet, but the three genres mentioned above are some of the most effective ones to explore when it comes to getting rid of sexual anxiety. 


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