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How to Stalk Instagram Profiles and Stories with Stalkhub?

If you enjoy the content on other Instagram accounts, it’s natural to want to follow them. It’s not easy to find people on Instagram, even though it makes it simple to follow them. Stalkhub is an Instagram viewer that allows you to view other profiles and follow them if they like your content. It also lets you see their stories in a more immersive way than the original Instagram app. This is how it works:

Why would you need an Instagram web browser?

When all you can see is a thumbnail, why should you care about someone else’s latest workout or haul? It’s probably not a good idea. Sometimes, however, those photos can contain nuggets that offer wisdom. Instagram is a great social media platform for content marketing.

There are 2 billion active monthly users, 500 million likes every day, and 3 million photos being uploaded each hour. Stalkhub is an Instagram web viewer that can help you boost your brand’s Instagram presence.

You can explore stories and profiles without needing to download any apps or leave your browser. It also has a search function that allows you to quickly find people to follow based on their location, interests, number of followers, or other metrics. Click through to see more information about the account, including links to their website, once you have found something that interests you. If they have an open profile, meaning they allow others to follow them back, then it might be worth adding them as a connection!

How do you find useful information from other websites?

Navigate to the website that you need data. After you have reached their landing page, press CTRL+shift+i for Windows and command+option+i for MacOS. You will be able to paste your public URL into a new tab and access information like phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, etc.

Simply copy and paste the information from any previous screenshot into a text document until you have gathered all of it. If you want to execute a malicious attack, you can also use social engineering techniques.

What are the benefits of stalking people?

Although the word stalking may conjure up images about psychos, it’s not the only type of stalking. It’s possible for normal people to stalk. If it helps you find what your looking for, it’s actually a positive thing. Stalkhub allows you to view your followers in a structured way. This makes it easier to locate people who are active on IG right now or not at all.

It makes it simple to promote your product or build your audience. You will be able see the profiles of those who have followed you back and their information. Click on the profile of someone you find interesting to explore their information!

You can see their most recent posts, where they are located, when and how long ago they joined Instagram, as well as what they have posted. There’s a good chance that someone who is popular or follows many people has more followers than others. These accounts are worth keeping in mind so you can follow them later if you have the time.

These are the rules of stalking

You can still see photos of someone you like, even if they have a private account.

These are the steps to follow:

Go to your profile

Click the following

In the next section, search for their username.

This will display all their public posts, even if they don’t follow you back. Check out their photos for the past 24 hours. If you feel it is enough, create a private account for them under the Following. If not, hit the little heart button! Continue doing this for a few more days until they follow you back. You’re welcome!

Section on Categories

Manage your accounts. You can edit your profile section to add a photo or description, change your name and select who will see your posts. You can search for people to follow. To find popular accounts, enter any username or hashtag in the search bar at the top of the homepage. You can browse through the Explore pages to find out which account you are looking for. It’s almost like an Instagram directory/trending site.

If you don’t find the account interesting or relevant enough, you can unfollow them later. There is no limit to how many accounts you can follow. Upload photos and videos to your stories. Upload photos and videos to your profile. To add media to a post already on your profile (on desktop), click Add Media button. Or tap the Add Media icon (on mobile) when editing the story.

You must post original content. Originality is the key to standing out from others. There are many ways to draw inspiration from other people’s content. But don’t copy it! Use filters that aren’t used too often by other users to avoid photos that look identical. You should not use any copyrighted music on videos. Make sure that all background music has been created by yourself or licensed for public use.

Who was the first to start stalking?

Stalking is bad. We all know this, right? Although stalking is bad, it’s not impossible to do. Before the advent of social media, stalking was a daily activity. We would sneak a peek at the text messages of our crushes or at ex-girlfriends’ Facebook profiles. We have instant access to almost everything online, even your Instagram feed.

This raises many questions. Did it him or her? Was it him or her motive to stake someone out on social media for their cause? How did they do this? There are many ways to find people online today. Many people use Google search engines and other popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter to find information. But what if there was an easier way? Stalkhub is the solution.

If you haven’t heard about us, here’s a brief overview: We at Stalkhub are always on the lookout for new ways to help our users discover Instagram content. You can search millions of photos and videos using the platform. This allows you to find your favourite influencers’ posts by location, hashtag, username, and even description. Our new feature, Explore, allows you to not only find interesting posts near you based on keywords like places or events but also view profiles from any area around the world.

Are you still unsure about how things work? These are some tips to help you get started!

Stalking others on social media has been a popular practice for a long time. Modern technology makes it easier than ever. Stalkhub is a tool that allows you to log in to someone else’s account and follow their stories. You can browse any user’s Instagram account without them being aware. You can stalk away, so go ahead! Stalkhub can help you better understand your customers and open up new possibilities for your brand strategy.

Get your copy free of charge now

Get your copy of Stalkhub now, and you can view all public Instagram accounts using our web viewer. You can also explore private accounts that Instagram does not allow. Your IG feed can be exclusive! You can follow any account or profile in just seconds. Stalkhub images can be shared securely because they are hosted locally on your browser (Chrome/Firefox).

Our system allows you to post stories and send messages back to your friends. We do not violate any TOSs. We do not host any images, videos or use any content that is not already available on Instagram. Feel free to share whatever you find online using our search function!


We want you to be able to easily follow your favorite Instagram accounts. Stalkhub was created to help you do this. You can now find popular photos, videos and new posts. You don’t need a large browser extension such as Webstagram, or any other service that can ban you from an app. We don’t use any browser extensions so you won’t be banned.

We are committed to keeping our users safe. That is why, unlike other useless browser extensions, we don’t track or collect any information about you for targeted advertising purposes. You have complete control over the experience you have on social media with Stalkhub by using our privacy controls. Want to download a photograph? Simply right-click the image and choose Download Image.

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