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How To Get Out Of An Abusive Marriage

Being in a place where you do not belong is probably the most heart-wrenching feeling. You feel unwanted and unappreciated. No human being deserves to be disregarded for his feelings and emotions. When you are involved in a bond something as strong and sacred as marriage, feeling unwanted can ruin the relationship. If your spouse is constantly disregarding you and abusing you either physically, emotionally, or mentally, you need to understand the red flags and take action.

Being in an abusive relationship for too long can deteriorate your physical and mental health. Therefore you must stop being too nice and think about yourself before it’s too late. Here are the few steps that you should consider taking to get out of an abusive marriage.

1.Consult Family Therapy

When you are in an abusive marriage, however, the abuse is mild and you think it can be controlled, then you should ask your partner to visit a family therapist. If you can sort out the issue through discussions, maybe you will be able to see improvements in your spouse. Family therapists can be helpful when your spouse is somewhat flexible and wants to continue the relationship.

The reasons why an abuser exercises abuse are many. Maybe your partner faced trauma and is finding it difficult to cope with the trauma, to avoid feeling guilty for him/herself, they take it all out on you. Such cases can be corrected through therapy. However, if your spouse is involved in physical abuse, you need to take steps larger than family therapy.  Physical abusers can not be corrected through therapy alone. 

2.Report Physical Abuse

For your partner who is involved in physical abuse, you should report the incident. If your partner has beaten you, you should collect all the necessary information such as taking pictures of your wounds and injuries, and keep a copy of medical reports if you get checked. Normally, people who abuse minors physically try to keep control of them. They will keep financial control and may restrict your communication. They will not allow you to go outside alone, or they will record your calls and read your messages.

Getting out of the hold of a physical abuser can be difficult. You should keep a lookout for an opening. Whenever you get a chance, get out of the house and try to contact your trusted family members and friends. You should visit the nearest police station to get help.

3.Ask For Divorce

If all other means fail, you should simply ask for a divorce. Living in an abusive marriage is far worse than a label of a divorcee. Some cultures frown upon the word ‘divroce’. However, people’s tongues should not be your reason to keep living in an abusive relationship. Consult a lawyer who has considerable knowledge about family law. Your lawyer should be able to fight for your rights and get you out of the abusive marriage with dignity.


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