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How to Create a 3D Facebook Photo

You’re not the only one trying to figure how to make a Facebook 3D image.

The 3D photo feature on Facebook was launched in the first half 2018 but is still relatively new. Although 3D photos are available on Facebook for some time, it was only possible to post one until now if your phone had a dual camera. This would allow you to capture two images and create a depth map. It’s not surprising that this feature isn’t used a lot, much less how to use it.

This feature works in two ways. This feature transforms any photo into a 3D image. It can be viewed from multiple perspectives by tilting or rotating your phone, or scrolling. Machine learning is used to extract the three-dimensional shapes of objects from your image and create a convincing 3D effect.

It can be applied to any image. It works with any phone that runs Android or iOS and can be applied to images up to 20 years old. This makes it one of the most useful features Facebook has.

A Facebook 3D photo can make your profile stand out. We’ll show you below.

Create a 3D Facebook photo

It’s not difficult to create a Facebook photo 3D. Facebook handles all the processing.

  1. Open the Facebook app, and tap “What’s on Your Mind?”
  2. Click on “Photo/Video”.
  3. Click on the image that you wish to use and then click ‘Done.
  4. You’ll find a “Make 3D” option right at the top left of your image. Wait for the image’s processing to begin by tapping then.
  5. Move your phone to see the 3D effect.
  6. Tap ‘Post’ to add text and other content to your post.
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