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How To Access the University Of North Texas Using Untcanvas

First, you need to make sure that Canvas is accessible to you. You can access Canvas by opening a browser window and entering in the address bar. Your EUID (Enterprise UserID) is your user name to log in to Canvas. If you are having trouble using your EUID (Enterprise User ID), or if you don’t know how to use it, please contact the NUT IT Helpdesk.

Some cases may cause difficulty in logging on due to technical issues. For Canvas to work, you may have to install additional software. You can find the CLEAR Canvas Technical Specifications page. 

TIP: Copy this link and share it with other students who may be facing similar problems.

If you have any problems logging in, please contact CLEAR Faculty Support Help Desk HTML369-7394or email

Section(s) & Content Check

You should ensure that Canvas contains all the sections that you are teaching and can either combine sections into one course space, or you can teach them in separate sections. You must request combinations of courses before the semester starts. Email, or call 940-369-734 to request that sections be combined.

If you are unable to see your sections or have any questions, please contact the CLEAR Faculty Support Helpdesk HTML369-7394 via email at

Canvas will create your course 90 days before term starts, provided that it meets the minimum requirement of two students Untcanvas.

Student Access

Students will be automatically uploaded one-week before the first day. However, students will not be able view the content until the semester starts and you publish the course. Students can access the content on the first day of the semester if they wish to. You can change the access dates for courses in the Settings menu.

If students have not been uploaded to the DSIS CLEAR Faculty Support Helpdesk by 940-369-77394 email or via

Begin Semester Tasks

See the CLEAR Support Page, Canvas Start-of-the-Semester Tasks, for an overview of recommended steps instructors can take during the beginning of the semester to make Canvas use easier and more efficient.

Review Canvas Help Resources

Finally, you should be familiar with all technical assistance and resources you have for Canvas.

You can always reach the DSICLEAR Faculty Support Help Desk.

The UNT IT Helpdesk provides technical assistance for Canvas users. Students can contact the UNT IT Helpdesk either by phone 940-565-2233 and by email Hours of operation are posted on the UNT IT Helpdesk website at

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