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How one Oahu woman is keeping the ocean clean by offering sustainable clothing

Hannah Tomita enjoys a minimalist lifestyle. She enjoys yoga, surfing, and sustainability.

She was thrilled to have the opportunity to include them all in her activewear products.

He said, “I don’t like carrying multiple clothes per day. So I needed a better way of creating an activewear line or product that I can wear at the beach or in the studio.” Tomita.

This was the moment she created the KYRA Active idea. It makes it easy to get to the sea directly from your yoga studio.

One of her biggest challenges was sustainability. Tomita is passionate about keeping the seawater clean.

Hawaii Youth Sustainability Initiative

Tomita stated, “When I worked in the fashion industry, it was a wasteful industry. When I moved to Hawaii, I could see fish nets just by walking along the beach.” Told.

Tomita stated that it was difficult to find a company that uses products that help eliminate pollution from the oceans, but finally he found one.

Search for a solution to plastic pollution

“I discovered a fabric manufacturer in Italy who was working with a non profit organization called Healthy Seas. Volunteers were asked to dive into the ocean and grab a fishing line, which was then called ECONYL. It is now used in our products. Tomita says, “Masu.”

one oahu
courtesy: Healthy sea

Tomita launched the product first on Kickstarter in 2018. A big announcement was made in 2019.

While she is running the business, she also gives back to her high school. Mid-Pacific Institute She shares her story to share her success and return some of it to her alma mater.

Tomita says, “I believe our goal is encourage people to go outside and get sustainable products people can choose from.”


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