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How Old Is Isabella In Encanto? Details

How Old is Isabella in Encanto?

Isabella is in her 20s. This youthful character is just 21 years old.

Isabella was the very first daughter of the Madrigal Family and is the granddaughter of Alma. Even though she is the family’s largest member, she’s not old enough.

Her parents are Julieta and Agustin; she is the eldest child of her father and mother. Lusia Mirabel and Mirabel are her sisters who are younger than her.

Who is Isabella?

Encanto has been a hit movie that I’m not sure anyone hasn’t yet watched. I watched the movie with a bunch of colleagues and saw that everyone was eager to discover the age of the people in Encanto.

But the main point of interest was how old Isabella was from Encanto. The audience was not only thrilled to find out the age of Isabella, but also my acquaintances and all the others in the theater were asking lots of questions in their minds regarding the character in question.

What Is the Height of Isabella Madrigal?

Are they tall or short? Is she taller or shorter than Isabella? Another question comes up when watching the film. Isabella Madrigal’s height has been set at 5’3”, which is about 125 lbs which is 6.3 inches or 160.02 cm.

physical appearance

Isabella is a young girl in Encanto with dark-colored skin and shining black hair. She used to wear flowers of pink to her left hair. If we look the eyes of her, we will detect hazel-colored eyes. She has a tiny dark mark on the left side of her cheek that is stunning on her face. Her ears she likes to wear diamond earrings that enhance the beauty of her face.

She looks similar to her maternal grandmother Abuela Alma with subtle differences in appearance and facial structure. Her dresses were different colors, but her most loved dress was the one with lavender and the identical colored flower in her hair. In addition to the headdress, she wears flower arrangements in her gown. The flower’s name may include lilies’ or may flowers.’

Isabella Magical Powers

Like others in the Madrigal family, Isabella Madrigal has unique magical abilities and powers. Her special ability is that she can manipulate and cultivate flowers. The most amazing thing is that she can plant plants by just thinking about them. This indicates that she is in control over her amazing abilities. In the film, she is seen blooming beautiful and symmetrical flowers like roses. They can be arranged and bloom flowers through her hands, turning her feet and wagging her hair. No surprise, she is also able to grow exotic flowers too.

Isabella Madrigal Voice Over Artist

Everyone was astounded by the role’s dubbing. They wanted to know more about the voiceover artist who played Isabella Madrigal. So, I decided to take this obligation upon myself to let everybody know about the voiceover artist who voiced the character Isabella Madrigal in Encanto. The voiceover artist is Diane Guerrero. She has done the role flawlessly, as no one can tell whether the voice is authentic or recorded.


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