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How did Jessica Alves formerly known as Human Ken Doll Rodrigo look like prior to plastic surgery?

JESSICA Alves became a household name for herself after spending thousands of dollars for plastic surgery that made her make her look like Ken doll. Ken doll.

Jessica, formally known as Rodrigo, and has changed her appearance so that she looks like an actual Barbie doll.

Who is Jessica Alves?

Alves is a television Brazilian-British character.

Jessica Alves was born Rodrigo Alves in Brazil on the 30th of July 1983, making her 36 years old.

Alves was born in Brazil and then moved to London at the age of 19, and she enrolled in London School of Economics. London School of Economics.

Before becoming a TV host, Alves worked as an air steward.

When she was a child Her grandfather gave her Barbie dolls and let her to dress as she liked. This is the reason Alves her love for dolls started.

In January of 2020 Alves made public his transgender status.

On the 13th of July, 2020 Alves was in the show This Morning to announce that she change her moniker from Rodrigo in order to Jessica.

What was Rodrigo Alves look like before plastic surgery?

Alves got her first nose surgery at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back since and has since had numerous procedures.

She admitted that she noticed he was different when he was a teenager and was convinced to put in the work to get that “perfect” male figure and smooth, chiselled facial features..

Older photographs of Rodrigo have a more full facial appearance and less slender physique All of which has taken on “improved” upon by Rodrigo.

He stated: “Male perfection is to me having the symmetry. Also, a chiselled facial with large shoulders, a slim body, a strong jawline, well-defined abs and an upper chest proportional to. “I have been through a hair transplant as well as a brow lift. the eyelids lifted, earlobes were pinned back, my cheeks reconfigured and my jawline changed.

“I’ve been through two cheek implants and had the lips’ sides were cut to create a more pronounced smile.

“I have been injected with fillers into my shoulders, my biceps and my abs, and triceps. my six-pack is just plastic surgery.

“I have the most beautiful six pack.”

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