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Harem Heroes Wiki

(Note Note: Both are games developed through Kinkoid studio. Kinkoid studio. Harem Heroes wiki is the name on Nutaku, Hentai Heroes is the name used for the other geos.)

Discover a bizarre world in which manga girls have gone crazy for sexual sex! Create your own harem made of the most hot hentai maidens. take on your rivals in thrilling sexual battles.

With Harem Heroes, you’ll enjoy an authentic RPG that has tons of uncensored hentai material. Explore the world of video-game girls, invite players to join your team, build your harem and then build your hero’s strength to beat opponents in Harem Battles!

Are you able to create the most powerful Harem in this oversexed world? Find out the answer in Harem Heroes!

Harem Heroes is an Adult Browser Adventure game where you aim to become the supreme Harem King. It’s an Nutaku game which has also released a variety of other games for adults, including Flower Knight Girl, Dragon Providence and more. The game is FUCK

The HH game is a spoof browser game with the most outrageous stories featuring every single girl from the manga world.

The game lets you explore in a fantastical world, where you’ll have to charm its gorgeous people to build your own Harem. Then , you must compete with the other harems to display your sexuality to the world! Harem Heroes Wiki

Every story and illustration is unique, and your avatar is fully customizable and the game’s PVP is among one of the greatest RPG’ ones.Harem Heroes is a online, harem gacha-based game. It is enjoyed on either Nutaku’s Nutaku platform (called Harem Heroes) or Kinkoid’s web-based platform native to the game (called Hentai Heroes). The aim in the game is expand your harem to the most girls you can. It can be achieved by reading the story and fighting off villains, performing mission-based events, joining in fights with your club or even playing Pachinko. The girls in your harem earn cash and are an integral part of your PVP team. They can be enhanced by gifting them with gifts which can unlock love sceneries, new postures and bonus stats.

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